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Seated rows with emphasis shoulder blade, whey protein isolate weight loss - For Begninners

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With your knees slightly bent, spine neutral and shoulder blades together, bend at the hips to grasp the handle. Keep the hips and lumbar spine locked in place - all of the movement should come from the shoulder blades and in the arms. It is also a bit easier to maintain proper form than in dumbbell, bent-over or chest-supported rows where the tendency and ease of 'cheating' the movement is a bit higher. The head, neck and upper body as one single cohesive structure is like a big ol'tree with its crown, trunk and roots. Resistance training beginners should always start with light weights and try to work on the form.
With your knees slightly bent, spine neutral and shoulder blades together, bend at the hips to grip the ropes. When you are able to control the pull without any shaking or trembling of the body or weights, then you can safely advance into weight ranges that facilitate muscle activation and growth.
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You can do this standing but I personally prefer seated, doing it this way makes you focus on your core and prevents you from using the knees to help push the weight up, ensuring only the shoulders are doing the work.

Likewise, for the neck to be strong and to withold the weight of the head, its roots (the trapezius muscle and others, image below) must also be strong.
Seated Barbell Shoulder Press (or Military Press)So while standing, ideally grabbing the barbell from a rack, place the barbell so it is resting on the upper part of the chest with palms-facing-out-grip and sit on the bench keeping your core stable. Raise the barbell so the arms are extended but not locked, pause, then lower back down in a controlled motion and repeat.Dumbbell Lateral RaisesThis is a great isolation exercise that focuses on the side of the deltoid muscles as well as strengthening the entire shoulder. It is a thick and large piece of musculature that spans from the base of the skull to the shoulders and latches onto the spine. Dumbbell Lateral RaisesStand with your feet shoulder width apart with a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing inwards towards your legs. The middle and lower portion of the trapezius muscle each draws the shoulder blade backwards and downwards towards the spine. Now slowly raise your arms to the side, keeping them straight so that the weights are level with your shoulders. Amongst those with a weak neck, the said muscle (along with the deep neck flexor described in the previous entires) is most often the weakest link, and in this entry, we will be talking about strengthening of these two portions of the trapezius muscle. Further, the strengthening of this muscle group should be an advanced routine that follows the deep neck flexor exercise mentioned here, with the purposes to build a stronger neck and upperback.

Dumbbell Front RaisesJust as with the side raises, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart holding the dumbbells with palms facing towards you. Now raise one arm in front, keeping arm straight, until the weight reaches shoulder height. Reverse Dumbell Flyes (or Lying Side Lateral Raises)To start with, lie down on a bench (you can also use an incline bench) so that you chest and stomach are pressed against the bench with your head overlooking the edge of it. Hold the dumbbells in each hand and let them hang with a small bend in your arm.While maintaining the slight bend raise both arms to the side with the weights until they are parallel to the floor, squeezing your shoulder blades together as your reach the top point. The Dumbbell Upright RowStand with your feet shoulder width apart, dumbbells in your hands with palms facing inwards towards your legs.

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