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Seated cable row vs barbell row, chest workout no weights - How to DIY

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2) Seated cable rows are a common exercise for back development but you can do them with multiple attachments. 3) You can use reverse-grip (underhand) back movements with bent-over rows, seated cable rows and pulldowns. Strengths: The ability to row with two hands or one at a time is welcome versatility when constructing a complete, boredom-busting workout. Weaknesses: Machines reduce the need for ancillary muscles to balance a load, so a Hammer Strength row simply won’t be as taxing as a barbell or dumbbell version.
How-To: After loading the plates on each side, adjust the seat to a height at which your elbows will come straight back as you pull.
It’s as much of a leg as a back exercise, but no matter — the deadlift puts the body in prime position to move maximum weight, engaging the strong muscles of the back, glutes and thighs, all in a straightforward effort to lift the barbell from the floor until you reach a standing position. How-To: With your toes beneath the barbell, squat down and grasp it with a slightly wider than shoulder-width grip. How-To: Attach a close-grip handle to the seated row cable machine and sit upright on the bench, facing the weight stack.
Strengths: A steady diet of typical rows of the dumbbell, barbell and machine variety can get a little monotonous — all are similar variations on a theme.
Weaknesses: The most glaring weakness of the inverted row is its inherent limitations on the resistance front.
If you haven’t noticed a pattern yet, you will by the time this list is complete — any number of rowing movements, whether dumbbell, barbell, cable or machine, are as essential to back training as the interest of paparazzi are to a Kardashian’s self-esteem.

Strengths: Versus a barbell row, the dumbbell variation allows for a more extensive range of motion while not allowing a stronger lat to compensate for a weaker one. Strengths: Like the seated cable row, you can use a rotating array of handles and grip styles. Weaknesses: It’s all too easy to turn a pulldown into just another row, and a dangerous one at that. Give a man nothing but a barbell, weights and plenty of protein, water and veggies, and you can build a world-class bodybuilding physique. Strengths: In electromyography studies (EMG for short), which measures activation in a muscle group during an exercise, the bent-over row scores consistently high, along with one-arm dumbbell rows and T-bar rows. Weaknesses: In bending at the hips and lifting a barbell in front of your center of gravity, your spinal column is vulnerable. How-To: Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent, grasp a barbell with a wide, overhand grip. The less common of our two rows, the wide-grip version has you “borrowing” the lat pulldown bar for a few sets. Many bodybuilders see this popular version of the seated cable row as a “middle back” exercise, but it’s most certainly a lat move.
The bent-over barbell row uses a wide overhand grip, which allows you to draw your elbows up and away from your body as you pull. There are a handful of Hammer Strength back machines to choose from, but the iso-lateral row edges out the rest, targeting the largest portion of the back in an efficient and effective manner.

Still, for the old-school among us, neither comes close to the sheer simple brilliance of tucking one end of a barbell in the corner, loading the other, taking a hand-over-hand grip and rowing your back muscles into sweet oblivion.
In other words, unlike compound rowing-type moves that call on assistance muscles to complete a lift, the straight-arm pulldown pinpoints the lats as the main mover.
The test: If you find your chest facing the wall at the top rather than the floor, you’re contorting rather than rowing.
This exercise also works the back at an important angle — while many back exercises involve a rowing motion, the pulldown operates in the vertical plane as you pull from above your head.
One of the exercises he’ll surely do is the bent-over barbell row, which will expand the back in every direction, from the inner musculature out to the edge of the lats. You absolutely need to keep your core tight and flexed and not round your lower back while you do the barbell row.
That’s no problem for those who are still beginner to intermediate bodybuilders, whose weight offers ample challenge, thank you very much — but advanced trainees may be more limited in how they can use the inverted row.
Without raising your upper body, pull the barbell up toward your abdomen, bringing your elbows high and above the level of your back.

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