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Seated barbell curl, help lose weight fast - .

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Grasp a barbell at around shoulder width apart using an underhand grip (palms facing forward) and sit at the end of a flat bench with the barbell on your thighs.
As you keep your upper arms stationary and close to your body inhale and start to curl the weights up and forward until you reach a fully contracted position. Do not swing the body back as you curl the weight, the body should stay stationary throughout the movement. Let’s face it, the legs have the squat, the shoulders have the overhead press and the biceps, of course, have the barbell curl. It’s that very reason why we’ve assembled four exercises with all of the essential elements of the curl but with striking differences that’ll stress and target your musculature and your form dramatically.
The beauty of doing these on either a standard bench-press station or sitting reverse on a decline bench is that the rack is right there for easy dismount, and it’s also great for when you want to quickly superset exercises, such as the seated curl and lying triceps extension. When using chains, however, you start with a lighter weight that gradually gets heavier the higher you curl it (more links are lifted off the floor).
With the Smith-machine drag curl, you’re forced to eliminate as much deltoid involvement as possible. If you’ve never tried the drag curl, let alone in a Smith machine, basically stand inside the Smith holding the bar in front of your upper thighs with your chest up, shoulders back and eyes focused forward. Taking a wide grip on the barbell increases the tension on the short (inner) head of the biceps by reducing the amount of stress on the long (outer) head.

Add these four variations into your routine doing one each for a week to complement the traditional barbell curl by adding size and detail to your biceps.  The number of minutes that follows each exercise, set and rep range in the chart indicates the recommended amount of rest between sets.
No other exercise is better known for adding size and thickness to your upper arms than holding a loaded barbell and busting out grueling hardcore sets. You see, typically during a standard barbell curl, you seldom exhaust the upper portion of the curl simply because you usually fail to move the bar past the parallel point. However, even the best exercise can be improved and enhanced and that’s our focus this month; to take an already phenomenal exercise — the standing barbell curl — and show you ways to make it even better.
Think about it: When you hit the sticking point on curls, it’s always about 8 inches into the curl when you have to drop the bar. It’s so common that maybe 90% of bodybuilders do it regularly in the gym when curling — but that doesn’t make it right!
If the bar is approaching your shoulders similar to standard curls, you’re not doing it correctly. If you’re stuck in a rut, despite the fact that you’ve conquered the curl, the writing on the wall is clear: It’s time to make a change for the better. Speaking of the long head, the close-grip curl places greater emphasis on the long (outer) head.
The reason you fail during the lower portion of the curl is because that section of the curl is governed predominantly by the brachioradialis, not the stronger biceps brachii.

As you would during the standing version, take a deep breath and curl the weight toward your shoulders, keeping your elbows back by your sides. Here’s why: At the start of the standard curl, when your arms are hanging down, the brachialis (deep muscle underneath the biceps) and brachioradialis (large forearm muscle on the thumb side) do most of the work lifting the weight until the elbow angle reaches about 90 degrees.
This muscle is best targeted during moves that draw your arm behind your body as when doing dumbbell curls on an incline bench. The seated barbell curl does just that, allowing you to work your biceps to a point of exhaustion they seldom — if ever — experience. To extend the set, go ahead and stand up and continue doing curls until you reach failure from a full-range perspective. A close-grip curl puts added pull and emphasis on that long head to help build up the peak.
When you load a bar with free weights, you’re limited to what the brachialis and brachioradialis can lift through the first half of the curl, which is often a lot less than what the biceps can lift from the halfway point and higher.

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