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Rockstar spud net worth, dwayne johnson workout - Reviews

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Rockstar Spud made his debut as a regular character on TNA television in late 2013, and he has quickly become wrestling’s funniest villain. Grahame Herbert talks with Spud and EC3 about Hair vs Hair, Bill DeMott, TNA Problems and more. Rockstar Spud is due to battle with Ethan Carter III on this week’s TNA Impact Wrestling broadcast. Delivering passionate and comprehensive entertainment coverage to millions of users world-wide each month. James Michael Curtin, (January 30, 1983) best known by his ring name Spud, is a British professional wrestler currently wrestling on the independent circuit.
Curtin, who was originally trained by Jack Storm and Chris Gilbert within the K-Star Wrestling promotion before eventually coming under the tutelage of "Charming" Don Charles at the SAS Wrestling Academy, went on to perform in many independent promotions within the United Kingdom under the ring name Spud.
While on the indy circuit, Spud's first major appearances came with the Revolution British Wrestling promotion in 2003. Spud competed regularly for the International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom promotion right from its creation in 2004.
While in IPW:UK, Spud became one half of the tag team Dragon Hearts, with fellow wrestler Dragon Phoenix.
Back to singles action, Spud went on to face Big Brother contestant Billi Bhatti in a losing effort thanks to the Hated Heroes. PWG made their first tour of the UK in February 2006 where Spud teamed with Topgun Talwar and Aviv Maayan faced Excalibur, Disco Machine and Ronin in a 6-man tag team match where Spud was pinned by Excalibur. Spud also worked for the Frontier Wrestling Alliance, and was brought up into the main roster to be used as a jobber for a short time, competing against many larger opponents.
Following a talent trading agreement with the FWA, Spud made his first US appearance in April 2006, competing for Ring of Honor during their two-night Weekend of Champions shows. The-then 21 year old Spud also competed under the FWA banner during the British Wrestling United National Under 23's Championship event, being FWA's entry into the tournament to crown the first under 23 champion. Spud also became one of the top British stars in the 1 Pro Wrestling roster since it's inception in 2005. Spud and partner Luke Dragon Phoenix resurfaced in 1PW to win the Tag Team Titles in their debut as a team. Spud is well known in RQW when he partners with Luke 'Dragon' Phoenix to make the team of The Dragon Hearts. In January, Spud had two appearances at Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) house shows which took place in Portugal. Spud made many appearances for the Midlands based promotion, Anti-Watershed Wrestling, using an 80s Rockstar gimmick.
Spud competed in a TLC featuring Carnage and Dan Ryder for the AWW Championship and again failed to win the championship.

Spud has appeared for the London and Midlands based promotion since its establishment in 2005.
Spud battled against Team Charming members for nearly a year in order to get his hands on Jack Storm. Spud lost the championship a month later thanks to Jack Storm's manager Charming Don Charles, and in another long feud eventually wrestled him in a one on one Bring Your Jeans Streetfight match pinning him with one foot after a steel chair shot to the head.
Spud became SAS UK Champion once again by defeating Jack Storm in April 2008 in a steel cage match.
After the feud between FWA and IPW:UK came the XWA, a promotion founded from the remains of the FWA where Spud has continued to wrestle primarily in Morecambe. Spud is currently locked in a captivating feud with XWA Flyweight Champion El Ligero, where it continually appears that Spud is going to eventually turn into his 'Rockstar' persona. Spud will do anything to rile up fans, even correcting their spelling on Twitter, and wearing colorful suits every Wednesday on SpikeTV’s Impact Wrestling.
That was fun, they did more for the Rockstar Spud character, they did some great writing for me, they’ve always done great writing for me.
Besides, it is quite rare for guys like Spud to come by who have that combination of old school and new class mentality to really create a well-rounded character that most people, be they casual viewers or the die-hard fanbase, to truly imprint into their as minds and deem as memorable.
It promises to be worth tuning in for, as this won’t be just any old match, it will be a hair vs hair match. On August 30, 2003, Spud defeated Jack Hazard to become RBW's first British Welterweight Champion; a title Spud held for several months before losing it to "The Gift" Ross Jordan in a Maximum Falls contest sometime in December 2003.
Through 2005, Spud had a high profile feud with Jack Storm, which culminated in a street fight in January 2006. The Dragon Hearts teamed up with Leroy Kincaide to face off against Iceman, Jonny Storm, and Jorge Castano in a match that saw both Phoenix and Spud suffer injury. However, during the start of 2005, FWA began showcasing their flyweight division, later that year Spud entered into a tournament to crown a Flyweight Champion for promotion.
However, Spud failed to win the tournament losing to its eventual winner Sam Slam in the first round.
Still competing under the out matched underdog gimmick, Spud had a long time feud with American wrestler Sterling James Keenan and the super heavyweight Abyss. On July 26, 2007, Spud won a 5-Man Gauntlet defeating BBS to become #1 contender for the AWW Championship but was unable to defeat Carnage for the title in November 2007.
Combine that with his hilariously unstable personality, Spud can entertain fans young and old without even breaking a sweat. Phoenix deep wound to his head while Spud suffered what appeared to be a separated or dislocated due to a dropkick at the hands of Storm. Spud made it to the tournament final, where he was defeated by Ross Jordan, who became the first FWA Flyweight Champion.

I am quite loud, I am quite boisterous, and usually when I’m letting out the odd curse word, all of a sudden an old lady will appear out of nowhere, or a small child. A title change is not expected, but it should not be completely ruled out.Austin Aries respects Rockstar SpudNice to see some old school traditions being upheld by the current group of performers. However, Jordan was only awarded the match after the referee stopped the contest due to a kayfabe injury to Spud's leg. We both have big aspirations, we both want to become successful, we both want to be the World Heavyweight Champion, we both want to be the guy. They gave us another day to build our audience, again, and we can get new fans on a Wednesday, we’ve got the fans from Thursday, once the word gets out we can attract the fans who have their TV schedules freed up on a Wednesday. I just hope they know that whatever they put Rockstar Spud in, Rockstar Spud is going to make it successful and entertaining. When Austin Aries decided to leave TNA, he did the right thing by willingly putting over Rockstar Spud on his way out.
The pair continued to feud for over 14-month with Jordan repeatedly attacking Spud in attempts to re-injure his leg. The feud culminated in a Last Man Standing match at FWA Last Fight at the Prom on September 30, 2006 with Spud picking up the win. What he respects about me, is that even though I don’t have the physique, the look that he does, that I also have aspirations like him of being World Heavyweight Champion. Aries also said it was an honor to lose to Spud, which drew a lot of respect from the industry to the former world heavyweight champion.Male version of DollhouseA post on Instagram where Robbie E and Rockstar Spud pose as the male version of the Dollhouse stable.
Very interesting photo, to say the least, because Spud is completely nude, while Robbie is doing something sexually disturbing.Rockstar Spud getting icedA post on Instagram where Rockstar Spud playfully reveals that Josh Mathews is one of the worst people to ask to help you secure ice to your injured shoulder. This match is an opportunity for two men, who have worked a very long time, to be recognised. He responds to a fan who said that he wanted to be just like the former X Division Champion when he grows up.Rockstar Spud being pushed2015 has been a pretty good year for Rockstar Spud.
Spud and I took great pride in building to this moment and we will both wear this match on our sleeve. On Impact Wrestling, we saw that Spud will be receiving a shot at the X Division Championship.
Austin Aries, Magnus, Robbie E, Rockstar Spud and Velvet Sky were the performers that were flown out for the taping.

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