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Whether you like rock, hip-hop, or anything in-between, the best workout playlist is a must.
Numerous studies have shown that listening to music while you workout directly affects your performance.
So, not only is workout music awesome just because music is awesome and working out is awesome, but it’s backed by science too! If you like your music a little bit more off the beaten path, get yourself moving with Spotify’s Indie Workout. Maybe you prefer your workout playlist to be structured for the kind of workout you’re tackling that day.
For another round of rock songs that will definitely get your blood circulating and your heart rate up, check out Spotify user Nick Larsen’s Best Rock Workout Playlist. Dancing can feel like a workout of its own, so a playlist full of tracks that make you want to dance is another great selection for best workout playlist.
TIME — Scientists have joined forces with Spotify to create the ultimate workout playlist. We had a spotify trend expert recommend this month's most motivating gym song, then created an upbeat playlist around it to pump up your workout.

Back in may spotify offered a healthy serving of new functionality to ios users that, dagnabbit, we android folks wanted too. But thanks to the amazing app Spotify we've got a brand-new tool for sharing the music that makes us move. Make sure to subscribe to our playlists so you can get them as you move and stay in the know about all the new workout music we're curating just for you. Music is naturally energetic, and when you’re bouncing along to your favorite songs, it makes hitting all those fitness goals that much more rewarding and enjoyable. Some have shown that matching your music to the rhythm of your workout will cause you to work harder, while others reveal that music that makes you feel powerful emotions can actually boost your endurance. Featuring hits from the likes of Katy Perry, Daft Punk and Pharrell, and Ellie Goulding, this one’s high-energy, making it a great choice for best workout playlist. TV On The Radio, Broken Bells, and the Black Keys are just some of the musical offerings that’ll get your heart rate up when you listen to this best workout playlist. You’re definitely not alone there, so we’ve picked Spotify’s Cardio playlist for all those times you’re working up an aerobic sweat. With songs by Disturbed, Slipknot, and Breaking Benjamin, this 596-long choice for best workout playlist has more than enough tunes to help you work all that aggression right on out.

Once you start moving, it’ll be hard to stop, so make that movement your cardio workout of the day, and get pumped with Digster Playlists’ Spotify playlist Workout – Dance Edition.
The perfect flavor of jelly pulls the whole sandwich together, just like the best workout playlist brings your fitness fever full circle.  Whether you like rap or indie, cardio or lifting, we’ve got the perfect sonic picks for you. Next time you’re working on increasing those gains, choose the best workout playlist from our list and feel yourself soar. So whether you use your phone or any other device, load it up with some of the best workout playlists we could find and get ready to get pumped!
After analyzing 6.7 million compilations, the music-streaming service worked with sports scientists at Brunel University to pick popular songs based on lyrics, style and tempo.

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