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While I spend most of my time educating people about sustainable approaches to getting a lean, strong, healthy physique, I do have an interest in the extreme of body transformation, or how to get ripped.
The term ripped is used to describe a very low body fat level relative to one’s bodyweight, which creates an appearance of clearly visible striations of muscle and separation between muscles.
When I present the information you are about to learn to a client interested in getting ripped, that initial interest usually subsides. So not only does getting ripped take a ridiculous amount of effort and discipline, but the extreme is that it may not be healthy either. One of the most frequent questions I get from guys is, “I want to get ripped, but I want to stay the same weight.

The build most guys want (it’s like the standard of ripped) is looking like Brad Pitt in Fight Club. Losing fat without losing muscle (the key to getting ripped of course) is primarily a nutritional challenge.
Remember that getting ripped is primarily a nutritional challenge, so strength training is secondary, but still essential. What I’ve found is that carbohydrates is a variable in the getting ripped equation, which depends on your genetics. The challenge to becoming ripped lies mainly in a change in approach to eating the right foods.

Despite that I can see my abs and everything, still I didn’t get the full ripped physique yet.

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