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Ripped body, pilates core exercises youtube - Reviews

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Sure, we've seen Craig David's buff body pics before - he was a Cosmo Centrefold dontcha know - but this one is taking it to a whole new level. Helmut Strebl is a popular fitness model who has become quite famous for his solid physique and before all insanely low levels of body fat.
Since the majority of the general population is more interested into looking like him instead of a mass monster bodybuilder, Helmut Strebl has a large fan base consisting of people aspiring to reach his levels of leanness and impressiveness.
The reason the body cannot maintain below 5% body fat and large amount of muscle mass naturally hides in our pre-programming to survive. That’s why the organism does not want to reach such low body fat levels while having all that mass.

Craig David reveals ripped body on InstagramCraig David uses THIS buffed-up pic for gym inspiration. According to the available information he maintains body fat under 5% while being well over 40 years of age. At the same time, however, many people are forgetting that he is below 5% body fat pretty much all the time.
A good example of natural athletes with really low body fat levels would be Milko Georgiev and Bruce Lee.
While you may be doing a lot of things in your life, your body has only one goal – to continue its existence on planet Earth.

Having a body fat percentage below 5% at such age (over 44) seems like an illusory goal to achieve naturally while maintaining so much muscle mass.

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