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Right back shoulder pain, hip internal rotation stretch - Reviews

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I’ve been dealing with my own shoulder impingement issues lately as well as working with a couple of patients which has motivated me to learn more about shoulder pain and shoulder health. Repetitive activity at or above the shoulder during work or sports represents the main risk factor for SIS. I’m humbled to say that my recent crossfit endeavors have exposed several of my own movement limitations and exposed me for not responsibly working on my shoulder health and function. To address shoulder pain, we have to start with a global perspective, realizing that  moving our arm to the overhead position requires several synchronized joint and muscle actions.  The furthest we can narrow our area of focus down includes the thoracic spine, scapula, gleno-humeral joint, and the related musculature. Shoulder pain from a movement dysfunction perspective starts with addressing thoracic spine mobility, scapular stability, and motor control.  Of course you also need good mobility of the glenohumeral joint which can often be inhibited by tight pecs and lats, but I think that's of secondary importance at this point.

Now that you know how this area works or SHOULD work, I'll cover corrective strategies in part 2. Learn and incorporate the hip thrust and glute bridge to decrease back pain and improve performance. Shoulder disorders in general practice: incidence, patient characteristics, and management.
Shoulder impingement syndrome: relationships between clinical, functional, and radiologic findings. Internal impingement in the shoulder of the overhand athlete: pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment.

Overhead work activities that can increase risk for developing SIS include painting, stocking shelves, mechanical repair, hair stylists, etc, [3,13].

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