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Rhomboids exercises stretching, v cut abs diet - For Begninners

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As you’re doing this rhomboid stretch, vary the angle of your upper arm relative to your shoulder (i.e.
The rhomboid muscles of the upper back tend to be long and loose, lacking in the tension needed to keep the shoulder blades in their proper position. A while back I posted a video of forearm plank (which includes star turns by my children), an amazing pose for building core strength and working on the rhomboids.

I use a number of specific exercises to try and isolate the rhomboids in an attempt to bring tone to an elusive muscle.This back stretch is an excellent one.
While this is a great pose to work on, the exercise in the picture above is a good place to begin.  It isn’t an easy pose, it is just easier to access and isolate the rhomboids.

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