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Reverse pec deck lateral, abs video workout - Plans Download

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Exercises for the posterior deltoid include, but are not limited to:  Behind-the-neck barbell military press (seated or standing), bent over dumbbell or low-pulley lateral raises (seated or standing), high-pulley lateral raises, and pec dec rear delt laterals.
The head that is most responsible for the horseshoe shape is the Lateral head which is located on the outward facing side of the humerus. Quick hit: For maximum contraction without a lot of weight try reverse grip pressdowns with a cambered (EZ) bar.
Reverse wrist curls: Much like the wrist curl, the reverse wrist curl is performed in a similar fashion only with your palms facing down working your extensors.
Quick hit: For the ultimate in isolated forearm training try performing reverse curls on a preacher bench. Manga pastar att vissa ovningar (t ex pec dec) ska kunna isolera de inre fibrerna av brostmuskeln men ni som last min blogg ett tag vet att en muskeln alltid arbetar i dess fulla langd och med alla dess muskelfibrer.
Probably not the most popular move in your arsenal of exercises, but the reverse pec deck can be a useful tool in your routine. This single-joint rear delt move probably falls toward the end of your delt routine following your overhead presses, upright rows and lateral raises. When it comes to isolating the often-neglected rear delts, few exercises do a better job than the reverse pec deck.

The triceps are just as the name implies, a group of three muscles split into lateral, medial, and long heads (see figure 1 below).
In order to do that, you must build up your shoulders, capping your lateral delts, having a nice round curve, front to back. Be sure to keep your elbows somewhat pointing up – it is fine if the elbows jet out to the sides slightly, just make sure they don’t angle laterally too much. However, for the single-armed version, you will lower the dumbbell laterally instead of straight back. Hold a barbell, cable handle or a set of dumbbells over a bench or your thighs with your palms facing the floor, let the weight stretch your extensors then reverse the motion for a contraction to the top. Perform a barbell curl as you would during a biceps workout, but reverse your grip on the bar at about shoulder width.
When compared to the very effective bent-over move, the reverse pec deck eliminates the need to focus on anything else other than the rear delts. Whereas the bent-over version requires overall balance, the reverse pec deck can completely isolate the delts without using energy for anything else. Lat pulls will target the lats and bi’s the reverse flies will target the rhomboids and rear delts.

Complete one set of lat pulls and immediately without rest complete a set of the reverse flies. So while we embrace the bent-over lateral raise as a go-to rear delt move, we encourage you to incorporate the reverse pec deck from week to week for complete isolation of arguably the least developed bodypart on bodybuilders everywhere. Stop the bar an inch or so above your head and then reverse the motion bringing the bar to the angled position once again straightening your arms. The medial head of the triceps is best recruited with a pronated grip (palms down) during pressdown exercises, and the lateral head is emphasized with a supinated grip (palms up) or neutral grip (hands facing).  With all these angles and grips in mind, why don't we get a program put together! Compounding the muscle fiber recruitment in a given area will further fatigue that area causing more damage and later on more physiological changes (Growth).

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