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Reverse crunches abs, thyroid pain in neck and shoulder - For Begninners

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TweetPrintThere are so many abs exercises to choose from, that it can seem impossible to figure out the right exercises to strengthen your abs. I’ve used this progression of abs exercises too many times to count with many people very successfully. Knee crunches are a beginner exercise that target primarily the upper abs, with some stimulation of the lower abs. This brings in your lower abs into play more than the Knee Crunches because you have to control one leg with your abs muscles, while the other leg is on the floor. This is a classic abs exercises that engages your upper and lower abs, along with your obliques (side of you abs complex) because you are twisting. This exercise is a lot more challenging because you have to keep BOTH your legs up by using your abs muscles. This is one of my favorites because I love the contraction at the top and I can also focus on the lower abs burn. Reverse CrunchIn the world of exercises for stomach regions, there are a number of workouts that take do not seem related to the basic crunch.

In my opinion, the best way to strengthen your abs is to choose harder and harder exercises to complete, not just complete more and more sets and reps.
It works like a charm and before you know it, you’ll be doing some really advanced abs exercises and have a very strong midsection.
I like this exercise because it takes all pressure off the lower back, so you can focus on strengthening your abs. Like with the reverse crunches, be careful with this exercise and only complete it if you feel no pain in your lower back.
The higher you kick out your legs, the easier the exercise becomes and the more it works your upper abs. The lower abs are hit hard with this exercise and at the top of the movement, your upper abs squeeze intensely as well. One such routine is the Reverse Crunch, which may be particularly effective when it comes to targeting the muscles of the central midsection. Yet, instead of raising your upper body, as in a normal crunch, you will raise your lower body, using your abdominal muscles to lift your legs and bring your knees upward.

If that’s the case, just do normal crunches with your feet on the floor, hands behind your head.
As you can see in the picture, I’m bringing my knees into my chest and contracting my abs. Once your shins are horizontal and your knees are bent to a 90 degree angle, slowly lower your legs back down to the ground and get ready to repeat the reverse crunch. A full set of Reverse Crunches should be quite challenging and should also help you tone your midsection, making it possible to consider the Reverse Crunch among the many useful exercises for stomach firming and strengthening.

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