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Reverse crunch on bench, diets to get rid of belly fat and love handles - For You

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Watch late-night infomercials or peruse the itness section of your nearest bookstore, and you’d think the crunch is one of the more horri ic exercise-related tortures ever devised. This workout makes use of four crunch variations, and it finishes with an isometric hold that serves as a strong finishing move. Start: Lie on the floor with your hands cupped gently behind your head and your legs and feet up off the floor, knees bent. Action: Simultaneously bring your knees toward your elbows while crunching your upper body toward your legs. Action: Crunch so your upper body rises off the loor, your topside elbow moving toward your lower body. Start: Lie on a flat bench, holding the sides of the bench alongside your head, with your butt near the end.

Action: Contract your abs to bring your knees toward your chest, allowing your glutes to gently lift off the bench.
Lie on a bench with knees bent together and hold a body bar, keeping your arms apart at shoulder width. First up, the double crunch, in which you bring both ends of your body together simultaneously — a great way to focus on the upper and lower portion of the abs.
One option to increase the difficulty of the workout (and finish it faster) is to combine the weighted crunch, reverse crunch and side crunch into one tri-set, in which you move between the three without stopping in between (resting 60 to 90 seconds between tri-sets).
The workout here provides a solid base and is balanced to hit all areas of your midsection, but for optimal results, you’ll want to be sure to change the order of exercises from time to time, as well as switch moves in and out that hit the same area (for instance, hanging knee or leg raises for reverse crunches, V-ups for double crunches, or cable crunches for weighted crunches).
From there, you’ll do a reverse crunch for lower abs, then a side crunch to score a direct hit on your obliques, which run down each side of your torso.

While lifting your shoulder blades and feet off the floor, bend your knees toward the chest and lift your upper body as you do in a standard crunch.
Hold the sides of the bench firmly.  Keep your legs absolutely straight or as straight as you can and raise them slowly, while making sure your shoulders don’t move. The crunch and its variations are actually some of the most ef icient and effective ways to contract your abdominal muscles, which are put to work when you bring your upper body to your lower, or vice versa.

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