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Reps or weight for size, binge drinking and exercise - .

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A little muscle tone is a good thing, and based on new research it looks like lighter weights can help you achieve that goal.
Interestingly enough, the commonly prescribed exercise protocol for growing bigger muscles is somewhere in the middle of the two rep ranges used and wasn't tested in this particular study at all. That's great, but I'd rather be efficient and do 10 reps of heavy weights instead of a couple hundred reps of light ones. I'd be interested to see it done again with a lot more people AND have those people divided into groups based on whether they're just beginning or whether they've weight trained for at least a year. A beginner is going to get results just from picking up a weight and knocking out a set or two.

And like the previous poster said, I prefer to knock out a few hard reps that take me to failure than spend my time doing tons of reps with light weight.
Keep in mind as well that lifting for higher reps carries it's own risks: A higher number of reps carries an increased likelihood of repetitive stress injuries. As for heavier weights increasing the risk for joint strain: You don't start beginners lifting maximal loads. A new study, conducted at Canada's McMaster University, found that it's not the size of the weights that matter but rather fatiguing the muscle. While working with heavy weights can make you feel like a super toughie, they can be hard on your joints.

To work your muscle to the magic exhaustion point to stimulate your muscle growth, you can either lift heavier weights for fewer reps or lighter weights for more reps; as long as you reach "muscle fatigue" you will be building muscle fibers. Plus, lighter weights are less intimidating, so if you're not ready for 20-pound dumbbells no worries.

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