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Rack pulls vs deadlift, weighted workout vest - .

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Bacher- My grip is not too strong so I will definitely work on that, hoping that will help me on the deadlift. I hit a 605 on my second lift, which is currently a RPS World Record for my Division, and was the first time I was able to pull north of 600 in competition. Over the many years that I’ve coached the deadlift, I’ve found certain methods and coaching cues that have worked significantly better than others. Instead, we want people to hold a neutral spine and use their dynamic stabilizers (muscles) not their static stabilizers (bones and ligaments) during any movement, especially during a heavy hitter like a deadlift.
If you look at the best deadlifters, they all have strong, well-developed upper back muscles.  This allows them to lock their shoulder blades into more of a posteriorly tilted positions, rather than lumbar hyperextension.

This stiff upper-back position has many more advantages over the arched- low back position in terms of recruiting dynamic stabilizers of the core to perform their roles effectively and allowing the lifter to pull big weights more safely. Maybe that’s why the best deadlifters have outrageous upper back strength and development but not much development in the lumbar erectors. This is one of my favorite assistance drills to complement a heavy deadlift day.  I use 3-5 sets of 3-8 reps.
Try adding in a higher volume of heavy rows or pull-ups to your program and start to see some tremendous gains in your deadlift numbers. This entry was posted in Random Thoughts and tagged hamstring research, hip thrust, keys to success, pendlay row, rack pulls, rumble roller on September 15, 2010 by Bret.

Tall people often have freakishly strong glutes as we have to use them more than our shorter counterparts when we squat and deadlift because our hips are further away from the bar. When you do rack pulls at this level, the weight will be lighter then your deadlift because youre at your weakest point.
If you want to impress people with a huge rack pull, do it like the guy in picture number one.

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  1. Real_Sevgi:
    Shows that doing long stretches them.
  2. AtlantiS:
    Been researches that proved that this exercise are designed to promote fat loss, increase fat.