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Quick abs circuit, a workout routine cardio - Review

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I recently got a stability ball and am looking for workout that incorporate it so I am totally saving your an circuit for future refrence. Ever since reading your blog I’ve starting breaking up my cardio at the gym by using different machines and doing circuits in between. After my time on the treadmill, I hopped off and did a new circuit workout inspired by the 1,000 rep workout I found on Pinterest a few weeks ago. I wasn’t really paying attention to the clock and took a few longer-than-usual rest breaks, but I think this circuit took me right around 20 minutes to complete.

In fact, I just took a 30 minute ab class last night and my abs are feeling it this morning! This quick and simple circuit goes through all of the abdomen areas so you can be on the fast track to a perfect core!
And I love the looks of that circuit, combining cardio with abs is the best way to feel the burn for sure.
I then went back and repeated the circuit once more, working quickly with minimal rest time (had I had more time, I would have done a third set as well).

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