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Pyramid workout, starting strength vs stronglifts - Try Out

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We worked our way up the pyramid, meaning we started with 10 reps then went to 20, then 30 and finally 40 reps.
Once I get myself some weights for my new apartment, I look forward to doing this workout in my living room when I don’t want to go to the gym. In addition, I had us do 3 minute cardio blasts before each pyramid- a great way to get the heart rate up! For those of you who enjoy our workouts, we have another fun one that’s sure to go by in a flash!
This is similar to the Burpee Pyramid that I posted about a million years ago, with a few other things added in.

This entry was posted in Fitness and tagged exercise, fitness, healthy-living, home workout, kettlebells, TRX, workout by sdorsay (itrainthereforeieat). So I’m kind of in love right now with workouts that seem to have a pyramid progression to them.
When ever I have to work out at home, I love utilizing a pyramid scheme, as I can work up a great sweat in a shorter amount of time. If I have any readers who are part of the November Project (or who otherwise frequently do hill sprints or stadium runs), give this workout a try on one of your days off. Just another reason why investing in a couple heavy KBs is a smart idea — you can get a great workout in with extremely little equipment.

Do this workout again next time you need a quick, in-home workout and beat your previous time.

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