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Here are 10 push up variations that range from medium difficulty, to very difficult, as you’ll see with the last push up variation (the Aztec push up). This is a classic push up that is harder than the standard push up because you have less leverage to push yourself up, but it’s a darn good variation. This is the basic military type of push up where you forcefully push your body off the ground so that you clap your hand in front of your body, then go back to the push up position. I guess this push up probably makes a better party trick than actual push up you would use, but it does require pretty strong explosiveness, much more than the front clap push up. The trick to doing one arm push ups is (1) be really strong compared to your weight and (2) keep your legs as wide as possible for a stable base.
Be careful with your wrists when doing the decline push up, which is a more advanced version of the normal push up with a greater range of motion.
I do T-Pushups as a warm up all the time to help get my shoulders warm and also my core with the twisting motion.
I have a new love for push ups because of all the benefits so I was happy to run across your site and see the very different variations you have. I would do these variations, but the latter of the article has exercises impossible to do with weight on your back. Those are great examples of push-ups for when you need to add change to your workout and really challenge yourself! The humble push-up is a great upper-body exercise, but sometimes you just need to switch it up.
In our easy push-up progression article we promised to give you push-up aficionados some killer push-up variations, just in case the classics were getting too easy, or even if you just want to mix it up a bit. And after adding a few of these variations into your workout, your arms are going to be too tired to do much stick-shaking anyway!
A quick and easy way to make the classic push-up a bit more challenging; using one leg increases core engagement needed to remain stable with a little glute and hamstring action thrown in for free.
Pretty much like your classic push-up, but using your muscles slightly differently – working the triceps and shoulder more intensly on the one arm.
Plyo exercises are great for building your explosive-reactive strength and improving neuromuscular coordination.
Another plyometric push-up; this variation drops from a height onto the floor, so it can be tough on the wrists.

The isometric push-up is like the plank’s bigger brother, so if you love your plank then add this guy into the mix for an intense arm and chest workout. Another isometric-like variation; you can adopt a wider hand placement for more of a challenge. If classic push-ups are tough on your wrists, the barbell push-up is a great variation (another alternative is to do your pushups on your fists rather than flat handed).
All the yoginis will love this push-up; if you love downward-facing dog, then this is going to be your new favorite exercise! Another variation that has that dive-bomberesque motion; gets the lower-body working out nicely.
Nick Tumminello shows us how to do one-arm push-ups the right way; this is a great video on getting good technique (which actually makes it easier) for this challenging variation. The Best Half Marathons Around the United StatesIt’s time to stray from the repetitive, and sometimes over-competitive, races. Try starting out with the wide grip push up, then bringing your hands closer in as you go along. This push up you can do routinely and will help engage your muscle fibers in your chest, along with help you create more pushing explosiveness. Fortunately, I didn’t face plant, but the first time I tried this very difficult push up, it was a close call.
Just joined in a 100 push-ups a day for 200 days challenge and I wanted to get some push up variety in.
And boy are we going to deliver, because there are more challenging push-up variations than you can shake a stick at. This is variation puts a lot of emphasis on working your triceps (the closer your hand placement, the more you engage triceps and shoulders). You can actually do many push-up variations as isometric exercises in order to help build the strength necessary for the full dynamic version of the exercise.
This variation also seems to target the chest very effectively, so give it a try next workout. T push-up) is great for hitting the obliques because of the twisting motion (like russian twists).
Still, a very tough variation, but in terms of the cool-factor, this is definitely one to master when you want to show off to your friends or just random strangers – hey, you worked for it!

In addition, be sure to keep your hands below the plane of your shoulders, and make sure your elbows to not flare out too much. I’m not sure you can hear it in the video, but my hands are hitting the ground extremely hard and my wrists are crying. If you can pound out 50 push ups no problem, the staggered push up is a more challenging variation, but you will still feel a great burn in your chest and shoulders.
The incline push up should really be done against a wider bench, or even against the bar on a smith machine that is set to a couple feet off the ground. I will not however be graduating to any of these variations but I’m glad to know they exist so that I have something to work toward.
The reduced leverage also makes it much more difficult (the wider you go the more difficult it becomes) but you can still make this easier by adopting the modified push-up position (i.e.
The greater the angle the more challenging it is and the more emphasis it will put on your shoulders.
The other cool thing you can do with this variation is to combine your push-up with other exercises like the barbell roll-out or the clean and press. This will help keep the stimulation on your chest, shoulders, and triceps, as opposed to mostly your shoulders. I never do this push up for the preceding reasons, but I wanted to include it because I do know people who do diamond push ups all the time and swear by the benefits.
The little trick I learned midway through trying these push ups in the video (which was the second time I ever tried them), is to push forward with your toes a little bit before you explode off your hands. If you were going to do this variation, you’d probably build up to it with plyometric pushups, lots and lots of them.
The emphasis is on your shoulders during this push up and it’s easier than a standard on the ground push up.

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