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Pullovers exercise, incline bench vs flat bench - Plans Download

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Dumbbell Pullover exercise is used for the development of back, chest and triceps and acknowledged as one of the most effective and universal exercises.
Other option for dumbbell pullovers is the following: lie across the bench, so that it holds only the shoulders and feet propped on the floor. An important feature of dumbbell pullovers making it extremely effective consist in your head – it should look backwards – and your arms, that must be slightly curved to provide necessary resilience to motion.
Is you make everything right, dumbbell pullovers exercise will help you to built perfect silhouette of your back, chest and triceps.
Myth Number Two: The Pullover Expands Your RibcageThe human rib cage, also known as the thoracic cage, is a bony and cartilaginous structure which surrounds the thoracic cavity and supports the pectoral girdle, forming a core portion of the human skeleton. A: I would suggest the classic version of pullover if you intent to hit your pecs, at the end of chest workout. Pullovers seem to be more beneficial for the pecs than other muscles, but the fact is that the exercise engage a bunch of other muscles to assist in the movement, which can lead to some sort of confusion. Bret Contreras found (work with EMG analysis) that dumbbell pullovers incited more chest work than straight-arm cable pulldowns or dumbbell pullovers incited lat work.

The machine pullover rocks because it keeps constant tension on the lats through the fullest ROM.
During last few decades this exercise has been forgotten, most likely because gym instructors can sense a kind of fear of shoulder injuries. Basically this exercise develops the entire pectoral muscle and works the triceps long head, teres major, lats, serratus anterior, rhomboids, and pectoralis minor. People used to swear that this exercise can make your rib cage wider, your latss better, serratus bigger and chest bigger, or even abs and entire midsection stronger.
Also do not forget that most novice lifters have poor mind-muscle connection which is a reason more why more and more people have very different opinion on this exercises. Even the safest exercise (if there is such a thing) performed in very bad form will put you in a great risk of injury. Nobody develops big pecs from pullovers because the main muscles working during the exercise are the latissimus dorsi and the long head of the  triceps. Also, if you would like to make it as a part of your back workout then use lat machine version or any of pullover nautilus machines.

Even Arthur Jones (the inventor of the Nautilus exercise machines, including the Nautilus pullover, which was first sold in 1970), nicknamed his machine "the upper body squat".
Consult your physician with questions before starting this or any nutrition, exercise, diet or dietary supplement program. The actual movement that happens during a pullover is called shoulder extension.At the same time the pectoralis major muscles attaches from the sternum, ribcage, and clavicle to the humerus (upper arm). Conclusion: There is small peripheral pectoralis involvement during pullovers but due to the nature of the exercise (shoulder extension) the latissimus dorsi is providing most of the working force. Make sure you use chest activation techniques when you perform the mentioned pushing exercises.
The reason why so many people think the ribcage expands from pullovers is the extreme lat involvement during the exercise.

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