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Pull ups exercise benefits, lean body fat - Within Minutes

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There is no more complete bodyweight exercise on the planet than the simple dead-hang pull-up. Pull-ups (distinguished from chin-ups because the palms face away from you on the bar), when performed with a wider-than-shoulder-width grip, engage and strengthen the lats in a way no other exercise can. But that is also one of the benefits of doing pull-ups You have to tell yourself that you are going to do it no matter how hard it is! This blog will answer all of these questions and hopefully you will be able to enhance your training and become motivated to improve your pull ups after this read!
Pull ups are one of the most difficult exercises to perform but at the same time one of the most iconic gym and workout exercises.
The ease of being able perform this exercise is an important benefit of pull ups; all you require is your body and a bar that you can reach. One of the best benefits of pull ups is that there are many variations of pull ups that can be performed and even better they require no additional equipment.
2) Negative Pull Ups – the benefits of pull ups and working of the negative eccentric or downward phase is that you slowly focus on the lowering of the body with quality. 4) Underhand Grip Chin Ups – Engages the biceps more and slightly changes the muscles engaged in the back.

5) Clapping Chin Ups – If you fancy a challenge with a plyometric twist, a clapping chin up is an ideal variation of the pull up.
6) Kipping Pull Up – is a variation of the pull up where you simply use your legs for momentum. 7) Tarzan Pull Up – For the Tarzan Pull Up you need to position the hands closer together so they are almost touching. The benefits of pull ups are vast – being an iconic exercise in the field of muscle building and working out, they are key in the development of strength and growing a great physique. Furthermore, one of the main benefits of pull ups and why they should be included in a programme is that there are so many variations keeping workouts exciting and challenging for all. This entry was posted in Blog, Exercises and tagged chin ups, lat muscles, pull ups, strength building. Being able to do pull ups is pretty impressive to the average onlooker and a key exercise to the regular gym goer and person looking to build muscle and strength. Again taking a jump up or using a step to get into the upward phase or top of the pull will help. It requires you to use power and pull up hard and fast to then, at the very top of the pull, let go, clap and catch the bar again.

Although they are not the easiest of exercises they remain top of the list of exercises when you think about strength and muscle building.
The pull up takes an overhand grip (hands facing away from the body) and the chin up takes and underhand grip (hands facing the body). This move will develop strength for someone who is struggling to get started with 1 complete pull up repetition. The negative pull up will help to develop strength to eventually be able to perform pull ups. The benefits of pull ups in this style is at you can pull a few extra repetitions towards the end of a set or complete a full extra set with the additional momentum from the legs making the move easier. One of the benefits of doing this version of a pull up is that you can challenge your body with the plyometric element of the move similar to jumping activities that you might use for the lower body plyometrics.

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