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If you have been to a gym before you may notice something interesting…You can do your lat pull-downs but you struggle to do pull ups. A pull up requires you to control every joint in your upper limb kinetic chain while the weight of your body is hanging down from the bar. Resistance band pull-ups are a pull-up variation which makes the upward phase of the pull-up easier by using a resistance band from the bar to your feet.
Resistance band pull-ups should be used to build up your back and arm strength until you can perform unassisted full body weight pull-ups. Using a thicker resistance band will make the exercise easier as there will be more elasticity pulling you upwards.

As you progress with the exercise, try to step out of the band at the top of the rep so you can perform unassisted negative. Resistance bands are very helpful while you are learning how to do your pullups without assistance. You obviously need to be careful if you have a history shoulder injury but generally speaking I think they are a great exercise that everyone should try to master. Kipping allows you to do more pull ups but requires a lot of good technique, coordination and practice practice practice! A lot more muscle control is needed therefore your whole body needs to be coordinated well to keep every joint centred, correctly sequence the muscle activity so efficient load transfer occurs THEN to be able to start pulling up.

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