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Often I hear or read about people being told that if they work on their push ups, they will improve their pull ups.
There are tricks you can do to improve your pull ups (and if there is enough interest I will do a post or maybe even a video) but push ups are not one of those tricks. Everyone thinks that the chin-ups and the pull-ups are great to work the latissimus dorsi muscles and biceps, but the truth is, chins and pull-ups are real functional, whole-body exercises that work the abs, long head of the triceps, and even the pectorals.
A common error is to not recruit the muscles properly, so I always make sure to teach my students this simple trick to boost chin-up performance. The pause method used for chin-ups in this video will have you shaking like a penguin having an epileptic fit, but it is a staple in my programs.

Once you’ve reached a good performance in the chin-ups, you are ready to try a new challenge. This variant of the Pull-up is a great rotator cuff strengthener and provides great transfer to sports performance, particularly throws. In case you haven’t noticed yet, the chin-ups and pull-ups are a great exercise for the grip and forearm. Here is an anatomical display of the most important muscles worked by the chin-ups, taken from Frederic Delavier’s Strength Training Anatomy.
Using the rings is a sure way to recruit new muscle fibers and keep the gains coming, on top of being safer and putting less strain on the wrists and elbows.

Being able to do 20 strict bodyweight chin-ups used to be a cornerstone of strength trainees in the Golden Era of bodybuilding. Nowadays, a lot of guys with 18 inch arms can barely do 8 proper reps, and the kipping pull-ups popularized by the CrossFit community is an orthopedic surgeon’s dream.

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