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One of the first things you need to learn when interfacing switches to microcontrollers is the use of pull-up resistors.
You need a strong rather than weak pull-up – sometimes devices draw power from the pull-up, and the 20kOhm internal pull-up is too large.
The circuit in this model shows how logic inputs can be generated using a switch and a resistor. They are fundamental, so fundamental that Atmel decided to build-in weak pull-up resistors into the ATmega328P used in the Arduino!

It might be good to teach the concept, but I regularly see posts on forums where people have connected pull-ups incorrectly, causing them problems. This means that very little current flows through this circuit so there will be very little voltage drop across the resistor.
Now the voltage drop across the resistor will be Vcc so the input pin will see a voltage that is very near ground.
Similarly the resistor pulls the signal down when the switch is open, and it can be referred to as a 'pull-down' resistor.

Similarly the resistor pulls the signal up when the switch is open, and it can be referred to as a 'pull-up' resistor. I’ve even seen people confident enough to design a PCB, but have multiple external pull-ups for interfacing to a keypad!

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