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If your protein shake routine is getting old fast, never fear… New, tasty protein powder recipes are here! The perfect base for your next pizza creation, this dough is gluten-free and has 9.5 grams of protein per serving. Just as tasty as a regular breakfast pastry, this treat is gluten-free, sugar-free and packs nearly 16 grams of protein per slice! Get ready to flip for these caffeinated flapjacks that pack a whopping 46 grams of protein per serving!! Your day can’t go wrong when your morning begins with 22 grams of protein in these pancakes! These gluten-free treats are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth while boosting your protein intake.
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Gluten-free waffle recipe that is full of protein from the protein powder and eggs and full of fiber from the coconut flour. We used a brown rice protein powder that we got from the local health food store mixed with coconut flour. We did not add any special flavorings as we wanted a BASIC vanilla waffle recipe before we started to play around with flavors. Liz, I would very much appreciate any protein pancake recipe that is vegan (I am allergic to eggs, dairy, and soy!). I am so glad someone else had the same thoughts as I did, spending 50.00 on Sunwarrior raw protein, only to cook it, seems insane to me.

Sarah, we have used vega and brown rice before in our protein muffin, but most of the time we use vega. I’m a mom, feeding my family delicious Clean Eating recipes free of processed foods, GMOs, and mostly organic.
Consuming an adequate amount of protein is essential for supporting a healthy metabolism and helping muscles recover from intense workouts.
Generously spread the mint fudge frosting (made of spinach, avocado and bananas) on a gluten-free brownie fortified with hemp protein.
Each of these cookies has roughly an egg’s worth of protein (seven grams), making them the perfect grab ‘n go snack to fuel you up before or after a workout. If the five grams of protein per ball isn’t enough for you, consider added a few extra scoops of protein powder into the mix. Chocolate protein powder, ground flax seeds, eggs, almond milk and banana provide a nutritious breakfast. With no yeast or rising time, the bread will be fairly dense but packs 12.5 grams of protein per serving. But you do not have to be teased anymore, as we have  our protein waffle recipe to finally share. But like we have mentioned many times before, different protein powders will react differently in the recipe.
We have not been the biggest fans of this particular brown rice protein powder (NutriBiotic vegan rice protein vanilla flavored), which we have been using in our recipes lately.
I am having trouble finding the egg substitute, and I am searching to make vegan coconut flour protein pancakes.

If anyone is beginning to experiment [often] by adding protein powder into their favorite recipes, stay away from the pricey retail products if possible. I tried to make one of your single serve protein muffins today but it didn’t work out. And while we love a good protein shake, these recipes incorporate protein powder in new and exciting ways. We also learned that some recipes said to whisk the egg whites separate from the egg yolks as this will help in the texture of the waffle. The reason we tried this brand was because a few of you mentioned to us on facebook about using a different protein powder to bake with rather than Sunwarrior and Vega as they are more expensive.
Okay maybe we are biased of our recipes, but we have enjoyed these protein waffles for about 5 days in a row now. From pizza crust and breakfast muffins to lemon coffeecake and sweet potato bread, this list of inventive recipes will inspire you to think outside the shaker bottle!
This weekend, when my Vitamix comes in, I have ingredients ready to make some high protein Pumpkin Apple Spice brownies based on one of your recipes. Soft spongy cakes rarely hit the spot for me unless it’s Vanilla Garbanzo Bean Protein Cake or the Chocolate Protein Cake.

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