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Protein peanut butter cookies, how can you get a six pack fast - .

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Black beans may not seem like an ideal cookie ingredient, but trust us on this one — they are a great way to pack in protein while also achieving the ideal cookie crumb. The cookie monster would approve of these bad boys, which work equally well as a healthy snack or guilt-free dessert. Here’s the all-around perfect protein cookie recipe — it will work for breakfast, snack time or pre- or post-workout. If you’ve ever wished cookies were an acceptable pre- or post-workout snack, this will be the recipe of your dreams. You can thank protein powder, cashew butter and almond meal for the protein-rich base of these cookies.
Unlike other nut flour, this one is defatted, which means they remove a portion of the oils so the peanuts can be milled to a soft powder.
The trick to their success is slightly under baking the cookies so the outside is crisp and the center stays creamy. In a stand mixer cream together the butter, peanut butter, sugar, and brown sugar on medium speed until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes. Use a 2-ounce scoop to portion out the cookies or use a spoon and then roll the dough in your hands to make it round.

It’s a high-fiber, low-carb, fat-free and sugar-free syrup that serves as a sweetener and helps give the cookies structure. Combine protein-packed and fiber-filled buckwheat groats with sticky almond butter and medjool dates for the perfect hearty and healthy cookie batter.
Each grain-free treat will fuel you up with 240 calories, 9 grams of protein, 19 grams of carbohydrates and 3 grams of fiber. Protein powder and rolled oats make up the bulk of the batter, while dates and peanut butter add sweetness. The result is a velvety texture with lots of healthy protein and fewer calories. I first tested the peanut flour with these cookies. Add the chocolate chunks and you have a sophisticated take on the ever loved peanut butter cup. Sprinkle the cookies with sugar and flatten with the tines of a fork to create the classic cross hatch pattern. Add in some oats and Rice Krispies for texture and spices for flavor and you have an energy-packed cookie (at just 157 calories apiece). At 247 calories and 11.6 grams of sugar per cookie, these are definitely more of a dessert than breakfast or snack.

The recipe calls for whole peanuts, but feel free to jazz up with recipe even more with your favorite nuts or seeds, or chocolate chips. Each cookie below contains at least four grams of protein, and most have fewer than 200 calories apiece. On top of the mix-ins, the base is packed with fiber, protein and healthy fats thanks to chia seeds, flax seeds and almond flour. However, the high protein content counts for something, and if you cut back on the butter and sugar, it would be pretty easy to make the recipe a bit healthier.
While some rely on protein powder as the main ingredient, others get the bulk of their nutritional value from natural add-ins such as nut flours or butters, beans or other seeds and grains. Whatever the makeup, each of these treats will satisfy any cookie craving in no time — without completely sidelining your healthy eating habits.

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