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Protein in cottage cheese fat free, amanda salinas dallas - For Begninners

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Protein-Rich Snacks: They’re both rich in lean protein, with cottage cheese having slightly more. Some cottage cheese brands have 700 mg of sodium in 1 cup, which is almost one third of the recommended daily limit of 2,300 mg. Staying true to this tradition  means that making a complex dairy product like cottage cheese is not an easy matter.

Nonfat cottage cheese has 24 g of protein per cup, while Greek yogurt comes in just under at 20 grams. Just 1 cup of cottage cheese can deliver more than 5 times the sodium found in Greek yogurt. We put two popular high-protein snacks—cottage cheese and plain Greek yogurt—head-to-head in terms of nutrition to find out.

Longley Farm fat-free cottage cheese is more than a "fat-free alternative"; it's a product in its own right and is appreciated by a wide public, ranging from cheese lovers to slimmers and body-builders.

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