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Post-workout protein, get rid of fat stomach - Plans Download

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There’s no debating the fact that whey protein is one of the most critical proteins for muscle growth. This table lists several protein powders that contain at least two forms of these proteins for optimal recovery and growth after workouts.
To prolong the amount of time that protein synthesis is turned on, it’s important to also have a protein that digests at a slow and steady state. The only way to make whey protein a quicker-digesting protein is to predigest it in the lab.

Casein protein is the perfect choice for this job, as it essentially forms clumps of protein in the stomach that are digested one at a time over the course of many hours. This breaks apart the bonds that hold the amino acids that make up the whey protein chain, creating small protein fragments known as peptides. This means your digestive system has less work to do breaking apart the protein chains, allowing it to be absorbed and delivered to your muscles at a much quicker rate. While a whey isolate is a purer protein than a whey concentrate, the gentler processing used to create a concentrate typically leaves more of the beneficial whey peptide fractions intact.

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