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Post workout smoothie king, megadosing vitamin c bodybuilding - Try Out

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I personally love this smoothie post workout as it’s full of simple and complex carbohydrates (from the bananas and oatmeal), protein (from the Vega protein powder and peanut butter), healthy fat (from the peanut butter), electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins galore!
I just made this smoothie for lunch, and added a little turmeric and chia seeds, and even in winter here it was still comforting and delicious. These ingredients make the stripped green smoothie unlike any other smoothie- all of them have a special purpose and role in making this THE detox smoothie you’ll want to keep on hand. Freshness: Ideally, when making this smoothie or any fresh smoothie containing raw vegetables and fruits, the best time to consume it is directly after making to ensure less nutrient loss. Although you lose some nutrients (minimal) during the blending and storing process, this is far better than not drinking this glorious smoothie at all! Add water first followed by the most water-rich fruits and veggies first, blend one at a time until smooth, then continue adding more ingredients.
With the Stripped Smoothie, if kept in an air tight container you can keep in the refrigerator for the maximum of 4 days. Obsessed with your Instagram account, so had to check out the infamous stripped smoothie recipe- looks and sounds amazing! I add avocados to certain smoothies- my signature green smoothie as noted here it meant for a different purpose.

It’ll create a velvety smooth texture that makes drinking greens enjoyable and delicious. Ideally you want to make green smoothies and consume them right away, but we all don’t have time for that! I usually made a green smoothie for breakfast with almond milk + spinach + add-ins but this base sounds even better!
Although, this is the Nutrition Stripped smoothie interpretation of this classic sandwich, it still captures the taste and textures very well.
For example, I will add in extra vegan based protein powders post-workout, extra fruit, sometimes extra add-ins as well. Actually you’ve given me a fantastic idea, keep your eyes posted for a potential future post. The flavors + the creamy, thick, and velvety textures in the smoothie combined- woof, it hits me every time! The Stripped Green Smoothie is my daily go-to green smoothie every single morning, especially pre or post-workout for easily absorbable nutrition. If it helps, starting out I’d add a little more fruit until you get “used to” the flavor of green smoothies.

The night before I want to have the frozen green smoothie, I simply let it thaw out in the refrigerator and then reblend the next morning to combine the ingredients once more.
Pears and apples would be a good substitute as they hold up in smoothies better and give it a thicker texture. With most gastro conditions the amount of protein and fiber within these smoothies plus the fact that they are made with dark leafy greens which are extremely hard for a person with a gastro problem to digest. Freshly made fruit and vegetable smoothies are especially great in the morning to give our digestion a rest and continue with the detoxification process during the night before.  It provides energy I need (and will for you too!) throughout the entire day with easy to digest fruits, vegetables, nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, protein and more! I tried leaving out the celery and cucumber I usually put in my smoothies and lowering the amount of greens, attributing the pain to consuming too much fiber all at once. It is so bad that I am seriously considering stopping my smoothie consumption for awhile, which is super sad to me because I was raving not too long ago about how amazing they are.

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