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Exercise program.The ab exercises make your abs skin creams, serums, lotions, soaps, and foods that happen to contain some resistant starch.


Plank jacks with push ups, work out moves for lower abs - Plans Download

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Front Raises – Holding a medicine ball or dumbbell, stand with feet shoulder width apart, weight in front of hips. Curl and Press – Stand with feet hip-width apart, a weight in each hand, palms facing out.
Overhead Abs  – Lay with legs straight, arms overhead holding a dumbbell or medicine ball.
Plank Jack Pushups – Start in plank with feet together and arms slightly wider than shoulder-width. Sumo Squat to High Pull – Stand with legs wide and toes slightly turned out, holding a dumbbell in each hand or a barbell down in front of you. Plank Rows – Grasp two dumbbells and come into plank position with the weights on the floor, palms facing in and shoulder-width apart. Single Leg Bridge (Right) – Lay on your back with your right foot rested on an elevated surface (step, bosu ball, etc) and your left leg lifted straight up. Single Leg Bridge (Left) – Repeat the previous exercise, but with your left leg planted and your right leg extended up.

Single Leg Deadlift (Right) – Stand with your weight on your right leg, holding a weight in front of you. Sumo Pulse Squats – Stand with feet wide and toes pointed out slightly, holding a weight with both hands down in front of you (optional).
Push-up to Arm + Leg Raise – Get in a push-up position and make sure your feet are in a wide stance. Come up and kick your right leg forward and straight, touching your foot with your right hand. With straight arms, squat slightly and bring the weight back between your legs, and push through your heels as you swing the weight forward and up to in front of your face. Contract your core and glutes, then perform a dumbbell row with one arm, bringing the weight to slightly above your hip along side your ribs. From here, bring your back knee straight down in a standard lunge and then as you come up, punch across your body with the arm that’s on the opposite side of the foot that’s forward. Once in position, you’re going to do a standard push-up and as you come up you’re going to extend one opposing arm and one opposing leg as high up as you can while still maintaining your balance.

If not, you can modify most moves to perform them without weight, or you can choose a different exercise from previous workouts to substitute. Rotate back and stand back to start and repeat with the right leg and twisting to the right.
If the push-up is, or becomes, too difficult, just jump your feet out and together and only perform the plank jack. To make this more challenging, hold the weight with straight arms out at chest level throughout.

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