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Pin press exercise, powerlifting workouts westside - PDF Review

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The 5 Board Press, along with the 4 Board Press, is one of of the best ways to increase lockout strength for your bench press. This is a great exercise to increase your lockout strength and is a good variation on the standard rack lockout. Now to the juicy part where you can add some new exercises to your training sessions and beat some old PRs.
The bench press, for many, is an untamable beast: a movement where positioning means the difference between ending up as another gym death statistic and scoring a PR.

The rack press is similar to the pin press in setup except that you begin from the positive.
Board press is almost identical to rack press except that instead of using safeties to cut ROM, you rest 2x4s on your chest. I hope you found some new exercises to add to your training, but before you go balls to the walls make sure to warm up properly with full ROM movements and progressively ramp up the weight.
Board and pin presses, box squats, rack deads, bench lockouts; all are a variation on a compound lift aiming to isolate and challenge your strong points.

Unrack the bar just as in the regular bench, bring the bar down to the safeties, and press up. Most important thing here is to keep your shins pretty straight, and to have the bar be in a straight line with your heels, aka good squat form.

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