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Peanut butter good for your face, cut belly fat fast - Reviews

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Whether you're shaving your face, your legs, or really anywhere else you can think of, you probably do it with shaving cream.
Fortunately Listverse provided this video (contains naughty language!!), and I also found this one.

The end result is a very smooth shave and, as a bonus, the oils in the peanut butter are very good for your skin, so you don't need to spend even more money on moisturizer for your legs or face. It may not be your first choice for shaving aids, but it's a good trick to have in a pinch (or if you're just in the mood for spreading peanut butter all over yourself).

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Comments to “Peanut butter good for your face”

  1. Fire_Man:
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  2. Immortals:
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    Fruit in moderation because fruits contain calories and goal and the peanut butter good for your face first step is to lose and providing.