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Second, I would like to encourage dialogue and further discussion of individuals about Paleo. Later, at a high school reunion, I found out a buddy of mine, Nick, was going to compete in a natural bodybuilding competition.  I wasn’t aware of the scene, attended his show, and decided I would and COULD do this! I think the best way to describe the difference is to say that a “traditional” bodybuilding competition diet is more reliant upon measurement of macronutrients while my Paleo competition diet was more reliant upon food quality.  So instead of obsessing about calories, grams of carbs and protein, I focused more upon the quality of my diet. So earning your pro card is like joining an exclusive club, but one in which you have to earn your membership rather than buy your entrance into.  There are very few of us, and that makes earning a pro card in bodybuilding that much more of an accomplishment.

Now there are a few companies out there I do view highly, so I do hope to be able to report back soon that I have Paleo-Friendly sponsorships that can assist my training (imagine how much 300lb NFL lineman eats, that’s me), and also with my supplement requirements.  Simply put, the better the quality of food and supplements I use, the better my training and results will be.  Because yes, I can be better!
November 22-23 I have a bodybuilding show in Las Vegas where I’ll be competing in the Fitness America Weekend, making my debut as a Musclemania pro .  I will definitely be working to be even better onstage!  Since everyone should have goals, my new goals are to be the first Paleo World Natural Bodybuilding Champion, and along the way a top 5 placing in the world, with the goal being to continue to make a devastating impact to dangerous, irresponsible, and ineffective “conventional wisdom” that plagues the health and fitness industry.
Easy!  “Like” Evolutionary Strength on Facebook, visit my website, follow Evolutionary Strength on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube…You name it, I’m developing my social media further every day so that I can promote and educate folks about Paleo, fitness, health, and share easy ways to develop that inner and outer strength to be healthy and happy! Interview with Mario Singelmann Musclemania Pro First Paleo, Pro, 100% Natural Bodybuilder by Karen Pendergrass.

Mario, your a real inspiration to body builders and proof that Paleo is not limited to just weight loss! Know-it-All.”  I was introduced and mentored by a friend who had competed in bodybuilding and saw my potential.

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