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Pain in upper arm, is chinese food bad for you when your pregnant - Within Minutes

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Nothing concrete for you here but I have found that having a packed neck when doing overheads helps reduce any shoulder pain ( I subluxated my shoulder years ago ).
Think of it when you're sitting at the PC your arms are facing forward, when you're driving, cooking, reading, etc all the same stance stretching out the already weak back and rear delt. I think you should try warming up shoulders before every upper body workout, as this is what an instructor recommended to me. I had exactly this pain, unfortunately I can't recap the explaination I got from my physical therapist, but essentially it was an inbalance issue.

Try this, keep your arms straight, hands facing eachother, about 20 cm appart, as low as possible, i.e. If the painful area in your arm and hand looks a lot like the red areas on this picture you are in luck!
Pain Relief ErgonomicsIf you work at a computer or desk, discover how to work without pain. If this is pain-free and the former wasn't you have an issue with keeping your shoulders down in certain movements.

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