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Pain in forearm, ab diet grocery list - PDF Review

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Like the subject says, when I do bicep curls, specifically with a EZ-curl bar, I get cramping in my forearm which I feel is limiting my ability to add more weight to the bar. Acute and chronic forearm pain is a very common condition in musicians, particularly drummers, requiring them to seek medical care.
It hurts to curl and also when I type for a long time, or anything involving wrist flexion, but does not hurt when I push on my forearm.
If it only causes you pain (in the gym) whilst doing curls then I would suggest steering clear of curls for a week or two, then perhaps try hammer curls or a barbell variation to avoid the same problem recurring. Surgical repair of the tendon would be considered for more chronic painful conditions that do not respond to conservative care.

At first I thought it may be an issue caused by letting your hand almost lay back past your forearm whilst curling but I'd imagine the pain to be more severe in the wrist than the forearm. Not sure wtf the problem is and its strange that both forearms are experiencing the pain at the same time.
Its just started to occur in both forearms and it seems that compartment syndrome usually comes from a result of a broken bone or other serious injury. Allan Mishra and orthopedic surgeons at Stanford University are leading the research of utilizing buffered platelet-rich plasma injections for the treatment of chronic painful tendosis.
I also have tricep tendonitis, I don't know if that may be a part of it, I have tendonitis in both triceps but this pain is only in my right forearm.

Preliminary results have shown that platelet-rich plasma injections had success rates similar to those treated surgically for chronic tennis elbow, with less pain and the immediate ability to resume normal activities after a single injection.

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