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Pain in forearm when doing curls, shoulder pain and numbness - Plans Download

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Like the subject says, when I do bicep curls, specifically with a EZ-curl bar, I get cramping in my forearm which I feel is limiting my ability to add more weight to the bar. I found that this happens to me when, after the set, I put the barbell back on the rack thats higher than waist level. It hurts to curl and also when I type for a long time, or anything involving wrist flexion, but does not hurt when I push on my forearm. If it only causes you pain (in the gym) whilst doing curls then I would suggest steering clear of curls for a week or two, then perhaps try hammer curls or a barbell variation to avoid the same problem recurring.

If it's relevant I only do dumbbell curls, I might have some wrist flexion when I do them.
It was for me when it was at it's worst, I had to relax the grip slowly or it would hurt like hell.
At first I thought it may be an issue caused by letting your hand almost lay back past your forearm whilst curling but I'd imagine the pain to be more severe in the wrist than the forearm. I also have tricep tendonitis, I don't know if that may be a part of it, I have tendonitis in both triceps but this pain is only in my right forearm.

If I want to do a lot of bicep work for a period of time I'll usually end up doing hammercurls as my main exercise just to avoid this. My physiotherapist said that it was overuse in the wrist flexors from possibly gripping the bar to tight or maybe flexing my wrist a fraction when doing bicep curls.

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