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Optimum nutrition whey protein review, steve sting borden - Reviews

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THE TRUE STRENGTH OF WHEYWhey Protein Isolates (WPI) are the purest form of whey protein that currently exists. I have used ON 100% Whey Gold Standard for a couple years and it stands alone in taste, value and quality. ON's 100% Whey Gold Standard is what i think to be easily considered the best protein on the market. I've tried a few brands of whey protein, and stopped after I tried Optimum Nutrition's 'Extreme Milk Chocolate'. I have been using whey gold standard for a month now and it has had dramatic effects on my body.
Im from the UK and i've been using 100% WHEY GOLD STANDARD for 2 months now, not only does it taste good but has also helped me build my body size by a quarter in just 2 months. I have been using 100% Whey Gold Standard for 2 weeks now, the variety pack flavors are so delicious, it tastes so delicious and satifys my sweet tooth without any guilt! I've used many other protein supplements before but nothing tastes or mixes as well as 100% Whey Gold Standard. Whey Gold Standard’s protein blend consists of whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey peptides. Whey Gold Standard also contains about 4 grams of added glutamine, which is great for muscle growth and recovery. Whey Gold Standard is an extremely nutritious product, and one of the best protein powders you can buy. Whey Gold Standard is not going to be the cheapest protein powder you can find, but you are paying for quality with this product. If you’re like me, you just need to cut through the noise and figure out what the best value for the money is when it comes to whey protein.
I’ve been hardcore with my workout lifestyle for a while now, but protein supplementation is relatively new to my regimen. Aminogen — Proprietary blend of digestive enzymes that help you break down proteins for digestibility. I performed a little test to demonstrate the mixability of Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard. BlenderBottle: Does an almost perfect job – on occasion there are a very few small particles left over but I just think of these as protein power crunchy bits!

Once you pass a particular critical mass of about one hundred ratings on any product, you can put a fair bit of weight on the collective opinion of the reviewers.
Both my wife and I have protein shakes multiple times per day — and nothing is more frustrating than supplements that are offered in 2 lb tubs only. Recently there’s been some buzz in the supplementation community surrounding the problem of protein spiking. The good news is that Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard doesn’t contain anything other than straightforward dietary protein — so the 24g of protein you get in each scoop is a true 24g of protein.
Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard has one of the most straightforward lists of ingredients in the industry, comes in a fantastic array of flavors, blends well, and is phenomenally good value for the price.
Always dreaded protein drinks before, with all the endless stirring and less than desirable tastes!!!
I have not found any other protein shakes that taste good that has low carbs and sugars like ON.. I feel it is the best economy protein powder available in the market which has helped me get close to the desired results.
It is the only whey that I have tried that mixes completely, leaves not clumps, and tastes great.
This product has been popular for a very long time, and throughout this review, you’re going to find out why…but you will also find out what caused it to drop in the ranks down to #2.
Whey protein isolate is one of the purest forms of protein powder available, but the blend as a whole is not so good. Whey Gold Standard is absolutely without question one of the most nutritious protein powders available.
Members of our staff have used this protein powder for quite some time, and we can tell you that results are nearly inevitable due to the protein formula and high BCAA count. We were happy with the results we saw when taking this product and would consider it one of the most effective protein powders out there for muscle gain. With 24 grams of protein, 5.5 grams of BCAAs, and 4 grams of added glutamine, it is nearly impossible to not see results.
I do — but I’m still trying to figure out the magic formula that lets Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard get high ratings from trainers, nutritionists, and workout enthusiasts and still be one of the lowest-priced protein supplements out there. It dissolves easily in milk and water based liquids, it tastes good and it gives me the nutrition and energy I need.
You will be only getting Whey and NOT that great composition found in 100% Whey Gold Standard.

It is very important when buying a protein powder to take a close look at the protein blend. This protein powder contains a ton of BCAAs, which are absolutely, non-negotiably necessary for maximum recovery and growth. More amazing is the fact that this protein powder contains less than 1 gram of fat, making it an awesome product for lean muscle gain. The nutrition label can never lie, so take a look for yourself and see how healthy this protein powder really is! Like I previously mentioned, members of our staff used this product for quite some time, and always looked forward to the post workout protein shake because of how great it tastes.
The ingredients are very nutritious, the BCAAs and added glutamine make it a great product for muscle growth, and you can always look forward to a great tasting shake after your workouts. I read that you should get at least 5 grams of BCAA with your whey protein to aid in recovery and lean mass building, guess what, you GET THEM in 100% Whey Gold Standard.
It is the only protein that completely eliminates the unsavory taste of protein, and tastes just like a real cup of Joe.
Now im drinking Double Rich Chocolate and im not really a chocolate fan but it really is nice, I also find it mixes better with soya milk and also boost's the protein by 7-8g depending on what soya you mix it with. You want to look for whey protein isolate or whey protein hydrolysate and avoid any other types of protein. More specifically, this protein powder contains 5.5 grams of BCAAs in every serving, which is one of the highest out there. Most protein powders contain a lot more fat and sugar than this one does in order to make the product taste better. Generally, chocolate and vanilla are the most popular flavors when it comes to protein powders. If you then combine this product with another protein like casein or egg, you can easily tailor your protein supplementation to get the correct ratio of slow and fast proteins that you want — not what the manufacturer (or the bro down at GNC) says you should be ingesting. It goes really well with banana, mango and avocado if you’re into fruit protein smoothies.

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