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What started as a farewell workout video to her Pilates students in California became Cassey Ho’s path to internet stardom. Online workout programs promise the fitness results of a gym routine with the added benefit of privacy and convenience — you do the workouts whenever, wherever. Workouts For You offers a range of programs — from $2 to $11 a month — that include meal plans, audio podcasts, streaming videos, direct contact with a trainer, and personal profiles similar to those on social networking platforms.

Online fitness programs certainly present quick and simple ways to find fresh workouts and healthy eating advice, but the resources found in a gym environment — expert trainers, a variety of equipment, and a full sensory experience — may offer something that a screen can't quite capture. Soon after moving to Boston, Ho discovered her online videos could be even more successful than the classes she had taught in person.
Her videos are free and available on her YouTube channel and her website, which also includes blog posts, a workout calendar, meal plans, recipes, inspirational stories and a Blogilates shop with custom fitness clothes and accessories.

They also provide information on how many calories their workouts burns, what muscle groups are used, and how often you should do the routine.

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