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The Austin company is among several that have popped up in recent years offering fitness and health advice. Singh, who would not disclose customer numbers for his 8-month-old Web site, said plans range from about $4 a week for six weeks to about $8 a month for a year and the videos run from 10 to 30 minutes.
Austin-based demandFitness says it has about 100 customers accessing more than 80 workout choices from fitness ballet to aerobics.
Exercising online also emboldens people to try something outside their comfort zone, like an athletic guy trying yoga, said Valerie MacLean, director of fitness programs at directFitness.

Last week, America Online launched a free six-week series called Beach Ready Boot Camp featuring 15- to 20-minute streaming video workouts. But experts say technological advancements, such as fitness equipment with Internet connections and the ability to hook the computer up to the television have helped make Web-based exercise more popular. So she’s a customer of Austin-based demandFitness, which started its online fitness business in March. Some offer a smorgasbord of diet and exercise information along with video clips to explain exercises.

I have to admit, I often find myself going for Anna Renderer videos because her instructions are remarkably clear and her use of plyometric moves with strength conditioning is just the most effective deal. Blogilates started off as a free fitness video platform via YouTube in 2009 and Cassey continues to publish monthly calendars where she plans and charts the various form workouts you need to do every day of every week of every month.

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