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Online fitness video subscription, workout routines for fat loss and toning - PDF Review

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COMMENTEMAILMOREThere's a reason Miami fitness instructor Jessica Smith, 35, features her mom, Debbie Smith, age 59, in her DVDs."Our DVD fans love her because she is closer in age and ability to many of them and she is a real-life example," she says. EDT May 10, 2015Miami fitness instructor Jessica Smith strikes a yoga pose for a recent DVD. But streaming video is "the world we live in," and a growing number of exercisers choose to follow along on their phones and tables, as well as Internet-connected TVs.

Whether you are looking for a tranquil yoga session, a calorie-burning dance workout or an intense muscle-building program, it's available to stream or download somewhere on the Web.The fitness DVD is not dead. Daily Burn is among the best-known sites, charging $12.95 a month for access to more than 150 videos. Some videos include participants modeling modified versions.• If you are considering a subscription, look for a free trial.

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