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One arm pull up world record, best hamstring exercises at home - How to DIY

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If you want to get technical about it, a pull-up is done with a pronated (overhand) grip, while a chin-up implies a supinated (underhand) grip.
When you do a one arm pull-up, however, there’s a certain amount of unavoidable rotation. For me, the disparity between overhand and underhand grips seems negligible, though I’ve done so many reps of different kinds of pull-ups over years that I may have just evened it out.
Only once you can perform at least 15 consecutive dead hang pull-ups should you even consider training for this feat. The following methods have helped me on my quest for the one arm pull-up, but keep in mind that these are not the only ways to train towards this feat. Just like learning to do a standard pull-up, performing a flex hang (holding your body at the top of a pull-up position) with one arm is the first step towards doing a one arm pull-up. The idea here is to keep your body tight and controlled while slowly lowering yourself down from a one arm flex hang.
Archer pull-ups are a great exercise regardless of if you want to work towards a one arm pull-up or not. This is a nice precursor to the OAP for the same reason that Australian pull-ups can be a gateway to pull-ups – your feet are on the ground! Just like a one arm push-up or a pistol squat, core strength plays a huge role in one arm pull-ups and chin-ups.

For more information about one arm pull-ups, check out my book, Raising The Bar: The Definitive Guide to Pull-up Bar Calisthenics. That is amazing that you got your first one so effortlessly – you are naturally gifted!
Congratulations!  Two months of training is incredibly fast to get this feat – you are a beast!  Keep up the great work. This is why many of the people who can perform this feat on a bar will wind up pulling towards their opposite shoulder.
Be prepared that the first time you try to do a one arm negative you will drop very quickly.
When performing the archer pull-up as practice for the one arm pull-up, try to do as much of the work as possible with the arm closer to you. I know I need to get that last pull to get my head over the bar but it’s not that important for me as of yet.
I tried to do a full range of motion one arm chin up but I can not start I just stay in dead hang and cant pull even a bit. When a one arm pull-up is performed on gymnastic rings, the ring will simply rotate to account for this.
Think of your extended arm simply as a means of giving your pulling arm assistance, so use it as little as possible – eventually you won’t need it at all.

I’m starting to really focus on heavy pullups (Getting up to +30%BW for 3 reps), but still quite far from the one armie. I won’t start yet but it seems like I can start training for the one armer within a couple of months. I am now able to do a crappy OAC (as you put it ;)), but I have lots of work still to do, in order to perfect it. Eventually, try working up to the point where you can make a one arm negative last for ten seconds or longer.
Al, the fact that it took you 4 years of training to get the 1-armed pull-up gives me hope! I’m wondering what was the single exercise of the one listed above that you trained the most.

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