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One arm dumbbell row alternative, healthy food recipes for weight loss - Try Out

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That’s because no single piece of training equipment surpasses the traditional dumbbell in overall effectiveness and utility.
But that’s not to say that you should be doing every exercise in your workout with dumbbells.
Two-Point One-Arm Dumbbell RowHanley Says: “Unilateral movements are great because you have two sets to do instead of one, which requires more work, thus burning more calories per workout. Incline Dumbbell Curl With Offset GripHanley Says: “The offset grip places greater stress on the biceps because it forces you to work harder to keep your fists even, squeezing at the top for the optimal peak contraction. Dumbbell Bulgarian Split SquatHanley Says: “With this exercise, you have to balance your body on one leg throughout the entire movement, which requires core strength. Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift With Contra LoadHanley Says: “Holding a dumbbell in the opposite-side hand to the working leg puts added stress on your core. Dumbbell One-Arm SnatchHanley Says: “Snatches require everything from explosive power from your hips and posterior chain muscles to stability from your shoulders and core. Dumbbell Renegade RowHanley Says: “This exercise is a great core exercise because it requires you to brace and stabilize your torso while using your lat muscles to perform a row.
SYMPTOMS If your gym has a Smith machine, you’ll be good to go as heavy as you can on the one-arm dumbbell row. Starting position for bent over dumbbell rows is on the bench, that supports your body while you’re pulling a heavy dumbbell.
It seems that arm’s participation in bent over dumbbell rows is rather big, but in fact the main retraction is made by the shoulder and, in a least measure, by lat.
Today I want to share a rowing exercise using the landmine that serves as a great alternative to dumbbell rows if your gym doesn’t have heavy dumbbells or if you’re a complete beast and have maxed them out.
To do them, put a barbell in a landmine unit (or securely in a corner if you don’t have a landmine) perpendicular to a bench and row just as you would with a regular dumbbell row.

The idea here is very similar to an exercise I learned from John Meadows—which is aptly referred to as Meadows Rows—which you can read more about here. Back in college I bought a little portable landmine unit that I’d carry in my gym bag so I could do heavy rows since my dumbbells didn’t go up heavy enough, but back then I did them with the bar between my legs (with way worse form too, I might add) like this. Begin with your arms extended toward the ceiling, the dumbbells over your face and your palms facing each other.
Hold a dumbbell in one hand, grab the structure with the other hand for balance, and step up with the working leg onto the structure so that the ball of your foot is on the block and your heel is suspended in the air. Unlatch the bar and pull it up as high as possible as you contract your lats and middle-back muscles hard, then slowly lower the bar to full arm extension.
One arm Dumbbell row can be used with extremely heavy weights, that’s why it is in training of any bodybuilder – from the fresh start to the greatest challenges. Once you’ve finished on one set, leave the bar right where it is and just turn around to the other side of the bench to do the other arm. My gym doesn’t have one and I could DEFINITELY use one for T-bar rows and other such variation and presses, etc! So a better plan is to maximize dumbbells’ benefits by making sure that you’re using them to do the best possible exercise. Press the dumbbell back up to the arms-extended position without locking out your elbow, then repeat with the opposite arm. Action: Keeping your elbows in tight and your upper arms stationary, lower the dumbbells toward the sides of your forehead. Bend your elbows to pull the dumbbells up as high as possible, to the point where at the top of the rep you shrug your shoulders to maximize your range of motion. Keep your back flat throughout the movement and lower the dumbbell to about midshin level, then contract your hamstring to return to the standing position.

Moreover, one arm dumbbell row give an unique opportunity to workout your left and right back parts separately, so you can compare them and give each one the maximum range and attention.
When the dumbbell reaches your chest, twirl you body a little bit upwards as well and then lower the dumbbell with an instant control. So I like John’s way of setting perpendicular to the landmine better, both in terms of comfort of setup and it terms of how the row feels. When your hands reach your head, contract your triceps to extend your elbows and return the dumbbells to the start position. Action: Keeping the arch in your lower back, dip down slightly at the knees, then immediately and explosively extend your knees and hips while pulling the dumbbell overhead. Let the dumbbells fall back down to the start position — you won’t be able to pause with the weights at the top — and repeat for reps. Your arm should remain extended throughout as you pull the dumbbell up in a traditional “snatch” motion.
To make this exercise more challenging, instead of lowering the weights down toward your head, lower them behind your head so that your upper arms are roughly 45 degrees with the floor, then press the weights straight up from there, maintaining the same upper-arm angle. Repeat for reps with that leg, then switch legs (holding the dumbbell in the other hand) and rep out.
But we’re willing to bet that if this imaginary gym lacked a full rack of dumbbells, from 5 to 100-plus pounds in 5-pound increments, well, you’d tell the pushy salesperson goodbye.

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