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One training approach for consideration to enhance the physical quality of power is the incorporation of the exercises and principles of Olympic Style Weightlifting (i.e. Reactive Strength – Reactive Strength (RS) training incorporates the stretch shortening cycle (SSC) and is typically accomplished via plyometric or “shock” type training.  Another unique component to performing an Olympic Lift with a barbell is the second knee bend that must occur prior to the 2nd pull to clear the barbell from the front of the knees so that the barbell may continue to move vertically to ensure exercise success.
RFD is trained with the OL’s by having the athlete lift the weighted barbell from different dead stop bar positions. This entry was posted in Guest Blogs, Sport Specific Training and tagged athletic performance, olympic lifting, power, strength and conditioning, strength training on April 10, 2013 by Bret.

Rob wrote an excellent article pertaining to Olympic lifts and improved athletic performance. The premise of this article is that the classic barbell Olympic Weightlifting movements provide a very practical and effective training methodology.
Olympic Style Weightlifting movements have demonstrated some of the highest human power outputs of all the resistance training exercises. Therefore one method of consideration to enhance an athlete’s physical quality of “power” is for the athlete to lift a specific programed weight intensity (mass) at a high velocity (acceleration) or a higher weight intensity (mass) at the same velocity (acceleration).

Discussions concerning the Olympic Lift’s (OL’s) as a chosen method of “power” development are often controversial, but these exercises do provide both the S&C Professional as well as the athlete with some unique advantages when compared to other methods of “power” training. It is well known that an individual can lower a much heavier weight via an eccentric muscle contraction when compared to the maximal weight that may be lifted concentrically.

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