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Olympic lifting program beginner, big lats look stupid - .

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This article is intended to provide guidelines for basketball coaches and players on how they should structure and implement their conditioning program during the basketball season.
Because many of the speed, power and endurance components will be accommodated by simply playing basketball, there is little need for extensive sprinting, agility, jumping and endurance training during the competitive season – particularly if the players have a good off-season training program.
For players who see lots of floor time, their conditioning program should be handled very carefully.
For players who are not starters, or top back-ups, the training programs can be more comprehensive and include higher volumes – although not significantly higher. Before you consider implementing an in-season weight program, it is important for each player to assess his or her background in weightlifting.
Provided on the following pages, are examples of weight training programs that could be used for advanced, intermediate and beginner weightlifters – who are working towards improving their basketball performance. Intermediate weightlifters may or may not have experience with performing heavy Olympic lifts, but have significant experience performing such activities as back squats and many other heavy, but less complex lifts. Athletes that have not spent a lot of time lifting weights – particularly free weights – would be considered Beginners for this program.

Because most of the athletes’ energy will be directed at practice sessions and the games themselves, care should be taken to make sure that athletes do not ‘overdo it’ when including their conditioning work into their overall program.
If there is a specific need to improve speed, agility, or jumping the training programs for these players should only include low volumes of this type of training, with adequate recovery provided after such training (i.e. Weightlifting – particularly high-weight, low-rep programs – not only maintains maximum strength capabilities for players who lifted in the off-season, but can also result in gains for novice lifters.
For players that have experience in following an advanced weightlifting program – which includes Olympic lifts and other free weight movements – their program can include high-intensity, heavy-weight lifts. These programs are intended to provide players with guidelines for setting up their own programs in-season.
Athletes in the Intermediate range can practice Olympic lifts at low to moderate weight (with low reps), but not include them as a major portion of their program. As a rule, lifting volumes will be low, intensity will be high and rest between sets will be high. Your program will take advantage of the fact that Olympic lifts can be used to make you stronger and more explosive.

The purpose of doing a weightlifting program would be to build general strength and endurance, as well as work on good posture and technique during the lifts.
As soon as your technique breaks down, you know that you are probably lifting beyond your ability. Yet a good weightlifting program can enhance the ability of a player to jump, sprint, defend, gain position, rebound and shoot. For beginners, the focus would be on using a comfortable weight, and working on good technique. If you are not comfortable with a certain type of lifting movement, it is recommended that you opt for a lift that is less complicated and more comfortable. We would rather have you lifting less weight, with good technique, rather than lifting heavy weight with poor technique – which will often lead to injury.

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