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Dodd spoke to a number of analysts about the case, including Notre Dame finance professor Richard Sheehan. It's whether those young adults are being treated fairly in a multibillion-dollar industry essentially controlled by the NCAA, athletic directors, commissioners and TV executives. Win or lose, Sheehan expects this to turn out like the Curt Flood case, which opened the door for free agency in baseball despite Flood losing in the Supreme Court. With people like Iowa athletic director Gary Barta digging his heels in and claiming he'd give up a $450,000 a year job if players were ever paid, this is a do-or-die time for the so-called amateurism of college athletics. Corey Brown, Corey Linsley, and Jack Mewhort could impress this weekend, but they are at greater risk of being among the 33% of Combine invitees who go undrafted.
It's a pretty solid move on the part of Michigan's athletic department: nobody has to call the position the J.
The endowment of specific positions has become more common since a 2012 New York Times article on the practice. Blankley said officers approached the customer, who gave them a false name but was soon identified as the 21-year-old former UA footballer Demetrius Damar Hart. Blankley said Hart was taken to the police department to be processed and for further investigation of his alleged use of counterfeit money, but when he was taken out of the vehicle, officers found a ziplock bag with eight grams of marijuana in the floor of the back seat where he'd been riding. I agree that the Dodd article does a nice job of providing an overview of the unionization effort.
Regarding the Dream 14 pic, above: Erick Smith and Brady Taylor look like the only players happy. Within 24 hours Gilbert and Lewis discover the pains of college life when the jocks or Alpha Betas, burn down their frat house during a back to school bash. Revenge of the Nerds is a movie that smacks conformity in the face by celebrating the strength of character in being truly different no matter who rejects you. A very underrated comedy, they wouldn’t even know how to make a comedy like this nowadays. We are now in the process of teaching our young children to yell nerds while crushing cans of beer on their heads. He’s been sitting on second base since the ninth grade and has spent every day since leaving twice-daily deposits at the Bank Of Sock. Blessed are the geeks, for they shall inherit the world, all its money and its hot girlfriend too.
Life is difficult enough for disadvantaged minorities without having some white dude – and let's be frank about this – black up like he was a goddamn Minstrel to bag their scholarship.
He might be as ancient as the building he’s urinating over but life has given rich-businessman Thornton a second opportunity to attain some class. To be fair, if you dangled imminent sex with a naked Jamie Lee Curtis in front of me and then cruelly whisked it away, I’d be kind of pissed too. Aside from the men's basketball team remaining ranked in a very confusing Big Ten and men's tennis winning its first ever indoor national title, most of the news this morning originates from outside Columbus.
Shazier was one spot behind Chris Borland, whose knack for being perceived as slightly better than Shazier persists to the pros. In news that could probably be worded less salaciously, Brady Hoke is no longer the head football coach at Michigan.
The officers on the scene arrested Hart for giving them a fake name, which is a class A misdemeanor in the state of Alabama.

Famous basketball players weren’t wearing Buddy Holly horn rimmed non prescription glasses at press conferences after the game.
Their own personal dorm room where they can have their own personal snack fridge and entertainment center, and not to mention a place where they can bring back hot college girls.
There is no “if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em” mentality because the hierarchy of jackasses in college will not allow you the privilege of being part of their club. Who can ever forget Ogre screaming nerds with his veins popping outta his neck, face beat red, and eyes about to come out of their sockets.
With the Bad Neighbours of the Delta Psi Beta fraternity moving next door to Seth Rogen’s hapless new dad, we’ve decided to set up our own chapter – the Iggy Godzooky Nebulars – to celebrate the frat house movie’s classic staples.
Joining the Skull & Crossbones will kick the future’s back door in and not stop to apologise. Now he’s ready to get a real education at the hands of, well, anyone else – even if it’s someone not entirely in the legal age bracket, and a mob boss’ daughter to boot.
Finding himself in a protracted war with the jocks, Lewis – armed with an overbite, an indomitable spirit and movies’ most recognisable honking laugh – uses his nerdy knowledge, optimism and slightly Game Of Thrones attitude to women to brutal effect.
Everyone wants you to be at their party, whether it’s Jewish frat’s Caribbean night – they don’t like reggae, they love it – or the haughty Phoenix Club, though they might make you and your chicken jump through a few hoops first. He is also the foot, stomping on the face of alcoholic-induced, toilet exploding, horse-murdering fun forever.
Booger is nearly 80% grime, an acerbic anti-social snotball armed with a fag in one hand, a crusty finger in the other, and a pocket full of wonderjoints. But then swapping JLC’s heavenly body with a genuinely heavenly-departed cadavar would tip any shy pledge into a psychotic murder boner of vengeance. Assured of his place at the top of the college food chain, the football squad’s muscle is on a one-man dork defiling mission fuelled by Neanderthal rage, Rohypnol and the utter confidence in the righteousness of the terrible task before him.
If he does he'll be a very rich man: 2013 was only the second year in draft history where the first running back taken wasn't a first rounder. But damn, if I just got a free ride to The Ohio State University, you can bet your ass I wouldn't be able to contain my smile!
Probably the only time in the history of college football that the coaching staff cheered such an event. There weren’t game shows celebrating the lifestyles, intelligence and idiosyncrasies of “nerds”.  There wasn’t a top rated sit com on TV that dominated its competition with “nerd” humor and wit. They certainly are not going to live in the campus gym, not when they have to be well rested for their big game coming up. The message is you CAN beat them and become the hierarchy because you are smarter and, quite frankly, you deserve recognition more than the popular guys who never deserved the popularity they  take for granted in the first place. BTW me and all my friends still laugh like the Anthony Edwards and Robert Carradine characters. I feel one of the great things about this movie is that it recognized the eccentricities of the protagonists without really poking fun at them for their quirks. He’s… repeating university for the sixth year running because he’s too afraid to finally vacate his cosy position as top dog on campus. Indeed, the only thing that might ruffle your immaculate hair is your old roommate ripping you off for billions of dollars.
Dean Wormer has decided that its time for Delta House to experience the full wrath Double Secret Probation.

Beneath Frank Ricard’s sedate, easy-going, recently married exterior is a beer-chugging, face-licking, streaking monster that is instantly awakened when the taste of hops hits his lips.  We hope he has a good divorce lawyer.
Nerds were pretty much non-existent as far as television and cinema was concerned, at least until this week’s selection was released in 1984.
Looks like the jocks are going to have to take things into their own hands and that generally means time to kick some nerd ass and take possession of what the weak have and the strong desire……… the freshman dormitory. Why it’s our fresh-faced hero, come from the wrong side of the tracks to act as our entry point into this new world of gilded-wonderment – and the odd murder.
By the end of 1984 Revenge of the Nerds ranked 15th in Box Office gross for the year ($40,874,452.
Jocks rule and nerds drool and to achieve ultimate coolness or acceptance the social ladder must be climbed no matter how painful a climb it may be. After being uprooted by the sociopathic muscle-headed jocks and replanted in the campus gym Gilbert, Lewis, Booger (Curtis Armstrong), Poindexter (Timothy Busfield), Lamar (Larry B. The humor is just as funny, and maybe even more-so, now than when Revenge of the Nerds was released. Or – like these guys - you steal their car’s airbag and hide it in their office workchair, propelling the unwitting victim through the ceiling tiles.
Okay, so 15th doesn’t sound too impressive but let me put Revenge of the Nerd’s ranking in perspective. After many rejections by off campus residents to accept them as roommates the boys find a broken down house and transform it into a real white picket fenced home. Great character acting and a hilariously original plot has given this movie what it needs to stand the test of time. Revenge of the Nerds grossed more money in 1984 than The Terminator, Conan The Destroyer, and Breakin’ which all did pretty well that year. This is not going to sit well with Stan Gable(Ted McGinley), “Ogre” (Donald Gibb), and the rest of the Alphas. Revenge of the Nerds is not just an innocent comedy it is a cinematic achievement that opened the doors for the “nerd” based comedies (“Freaks and Geeks” and “The Big Bang Theory”) and the game shows ( “King of the Nerds” appropriately hosted by Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong) that we enjoy today. And he will probably sell you out in the blink of an ambitious eye at the first whiff of a cushy public office job. Not only do Gilbert, Lewis, and the boys have to deal with defending themselves against the likes of the Alpha Betas, the outcasts discover that to begin their own fraternity they have to gain approval by The Greek Council which, of course is run by the Alpha Betas. The Natural ranked 13th and Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan ranked 14th, pretty good company for a movie about nerds that cost around $8,000,000 to make. You could say that Revenge of the Nerds opened the door to nerd coolness or at least acceptance within main stream media. So, now that you’ve been given the numbers, let’s sit back and enjoy the 1984 classic laugher….

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