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My writing lacks the creativity and polish to put together an appropriate lead in paragraph for this photo. I can't help but imagine a battle royale where these 40 fraternity members had to fight Taylor, potentially to the death. I was rushing from one crush of people towards another while I was on the way to see or play about some other hotly-promoted entertainment experience. But Speed Racer rolled in front of me, a living avatar of the perseverance and transcendence the superheroes and outcasts of geek lore can symbolize.

Without the fraternity members in the background, this pic would be perfect for a Hollister summer catalogue shoot.
Things to see, play and write about have dominated my time in San Diego but one moment yesterday brought back into sharp focus why I love the transformative power of pop culture. The only snag would be he fitting into a Hollister XXL tank-top, which is equivalent to a children's medium at every other non-abercrombie brand store in the world.
Inevitably I think the smallish red haired fellow on far right gets thrown through and back out that front window.

This stranger dressing up as Speed Racer reminded me of how comics, games, cartoons and other parts of nerd culture can provide escape, inspiration and a bond with others. It's an easy thing to lose sight of when people elbow each other out of the way for a free t-shirt or grouse about how a change to an action figure sculpt ruins everything everywhere forever.

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