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Facial Exercise Before and After pictures are fascinating to look at, and a proficient way to see the excellent results that facial exercise can bring. This picture shows how a deep vertical forehead line has been reduced, and you can also see a great improvement in the crow’s feet eyes that were quite deep in the before picture. Click here to visit the website where these Facial Exercise Before and After pictures were originally published and to find out more about the Facial Reflexology Rejuvenation program. Kim Kardashian and Kelly Brook's beauty secret has been revealed and now any girl can contour just like the mega stars.
London, February 28: Kim Kardashian and Kelly Brook's beauty secret has been revealed and now any girl can contour just like the mega stars.
This year’s contouring trend may be in favour with the Kardashian Krew for its ability to chisel cheekbones, carve out jawlines and bestow a perma-airbrushed complexion.
Light fantastic A high SPF on the face, come rain or shine, should be part of every woman’s morning beauty regime, especially those with fair skin and freckles. Using the right kind of foundation gives that perfectly flawless and natural looking skin by hiding any imperfections like scars, pigmentations or spots. Having a double chin makes you look aged or overweight and can steal from your self-confidence and self-esteem.
The Tongue Exercise To some people, sticking the tongue out may seem rude but it is a great way to exercise your neck and chin muscles and worth considering if you are looking to reduce or get rid of that double chin. You may also want to consider the following double chin exercises, which also stretch and exercise the chin and neck muscles. Beyond this face exercises that are all aimed at toning the muscles of your chin, jaw and neck and getting rid of double chin as a result, there are other important considerations that you need to take into account. The desire to overcome the problem of double chin took a new stage with the development of double chin exercise machines which are marketed as great alternatives to double chin surgery and strenuous, time consuming double chin exercises. A “before and after” picture is the best inspiration you can ever get on what is possible and now that we are talking about getting rid of double chin, here are a few pictures to nourish your imagination.
This lady was also able to achieve significant reduction of the double chin using the Neckline Slimmer. Again there is a marked improvement in the nasolabial folds, the under eye area is much less puffy, and the sagging jowls that are clearly seen in the before photo are greatly reduced.

Although the problem was not too severe, in the after picture they seem to have completely lifted. But for those who consider a spot of concealer and lick of mascara to constitute a full face of make-up, such a heavy look is a less than appealing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit of colour to your cheeks and a healthy glow afterwards. The new generation resorts to plastic surgery to get the perfect face structure, resulting in expensive and painful procedures. Not only does it add a rosy glow to your skin, but also acts as a protective shield from harsh elements like the sun, pollution, air conditioning and the like. To perform this double chin exercise, simply open your mouth wide and then stick out your tongue as much as is possible while seated comfortably in a chair or standing in a good posture.
While seated comfortably in a chair, raise your chin as far as it can go and hold it in that stretched for 10 seconds before relaxing to the normal position again. Roll your neck Standing upright in a good posture, turn your head as to align it parallel to your shoulders.
Double chin exercise machines are widely available online today in numerous brands but Neck Genie Neckline Slimmer is perhaps the most popular one. Beneath each picture there is a summary of the changes we can observe, and at the end of each set you will find a link to the site where the before and after pictures were originally published, should you want to find out more. The fine lip lines that can be seen in the before picture have also gone, and her eyes look wider and brighter.
It is akin to owning a limited edition Berkin,” says Bianca Louzado, who has sculpted and chiselled the faces of many a bride. Leave your tongue out to its full length for 10 seconds before retracting it.  Repeat the exercise 10 times daily.
Repeat 10 times daily.  This exercise works out the chin and neck muscles and can help to get rid of double chin.
The idea behind the chin exercises for double chin is to work out the chin and neck muscles and as you may have already noted, most of these exercises are aimed at stretching the neck and chin areas in order to reaffirm the muscles while burning the fat present. Proper diet is a must for everyone regardless of whether they are suffering from double chin or not and that means taking balanced diet.

Neckline Slimmer This nifty machine is designed to tone the neck and jaw muscles and thus eliminate the sagging that usually results with ageing or excessive weight gain.
Perhaps the most impressive feature of  this facial exercise before after picture is the complete disappearance of the creases between her brows and the horizontal line on her forehead. This simply means that longer exercise sessions and more frequent exercise routine rolls down to more effective reduction of the double chin. And the best part about it is that it is painless and only requires two minutes of your time per day. Well, first of all, let’s start by reiterating that the Neck Genie Neckline Slimmer is your best bet when it comes to double chin exercisers.
Read on to find out more about double chin exercises and machines and be on the right track towards that youthful-looking chin. Hold a tennis ball You can also use tennis ball exercise your chin and get rid of double chin. Adopting a good posture can also help  your double chin less noticeable and this means walking with your head up and the rib cage lifted up a bit.
The Neck and Genie Neckline Slimmer seems to be fairing well online and has great reviews and rating among online users as at the moment of this writing and with a price tag of less than $10, it is definitely worth trying out. It exercises the muscles in your neck and jaw area and strengthens them to counteract the effects of ageing and weight loss which are often manifested in a sagging chin or double chin if you like. This exercise stretches the muscles in your throat and is a great option to eliminate double chin if used regularly.
Simply hold a tennis ball in the area below your chin tightly and then release it slightly in repeated movements.
As for where to buy a Neck Genie Neckline Slimmer (or any other double chin exerciser for that matter), your best and easiest option would be online.

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