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Neck workout harness, abs workout photos - For Begninners

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The Iron Edge Neck Harness will help you build a crazy strong neck that can withstand the punishment of any martial arts training or simply avoids those nasty tension headaches brought about by weak, tight neck muscles. Specific neck strengthening is often overlooked, but can be a very important area because it is quite a vulnerable area of the body and an injured neck will usually result in a very limited ability to perform any upper body resistance training.
Neck training is particularly important for fighters, whose necks need to resist being pulled, pushed, twisted or the impact from blows to the head. In fact, a weak neck can can result in many exercises where the head needs support, such as sit ups or push ups, being very uncomfortable. If you’re after a strong, injury resistant neck then the Iron Edge Neck Harness is the way to go! Wear the neck harness and attach both ends of the chain to the same side and lie sideways on a bench so that the chain and weight hang off it.
Following a recent post about neck training, I’ve had several people ask about the harness pictured within the entry (see below).

As for training options, I typically use the harness in conjunction with other neck exercises such as the resistance band movements that I demonstrated previously. Lastly, whenever discussing neck strength and its significance, there is no greater example than that of George Chuvalo. With that said, a strong neck can be very helpful and many fighters still overlook the significance (unfortunately). One strap coming over the top, perpendicular (the same as your lashing strap in your harness design) and extending an extra foot down on each side.
I’ve recently read that a large reason why concussion in football are so common is the fact that neck training is absent from their strength training regimen.
As for the design, it is similar to the harness that I discussed a few year ago (see here).
I still opt for the homemade harness however based on how many athletes I’ve had use them.

As far as I know, only combat sports (MMA, wrestling and boxing) do any sort of neck training. It is worth noting however that in recent years quality harnesses have become more reasonably priced. But a boxer should never neglect neck training, same thing with football players, wrestlers and MMA fighters.

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