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Neck shoulder blade pain, insanity exercises - For Begninners

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An interesting post for people with upper neck pain when carrying a bag in one hand or tension when wearing a heavy coat. Eventually, I figured out that there were restrictions in the neck that perpetuate restrictions in the shoulder that perpetuate the trigger points in subscapularis. When dealing with a chronic pain, it’s important to repeat this process at least once a day, and up to three times. If the pain occurs along the side of the neck, this is almost always due to the sternocleidomastoid muscle (highlighted in red in the diagram to the right), and you can apply one of our Muscle Melt products directly to the painful region and do some self-massage. It is also worth checking areas 1 and 2 (from the diagram at the top of this page), as these muscles can occasionally refer pain to the side of the neck. There are seven cervical vertebrae – the spinal bones of the neck – and between each of these bones is an intervertebral disc. Furthermore, the muscles of the back of the neck join the structures of the upper back, and this is another overused region. If the shoulders become rounded forward and inward, this strains the muscles of the upper back by forcing them to be continually extended.
It is especially easy to strain the neck (or to keep a sore neck from recovering) by inadvertently tightening the neck while exercising.
You may wish to try some gentle physical therapy, especially if your tendency if to carry the head forward of the shoulders. I have found that many of my patients with chronic neck pain need to change their sleeping arrangements to get long term relief. In any event, anyone with neck problems should try this: Fold a smallish towel lengthwise and then roll it up to form a neck support that’s about the size of a paint roller or a little thicker (if you have extra towel length, don’t worry about it – you can just lay this under your back or head). While water is essential for all functions of the body, in my experience, people with pain around the spine must be especially careful to drink enough water. If you experience chronic or severe neck pain, it is important to see a medical professional – especially if it is sudden, intense, makes it painful to bring your chin to your chest, and there was no incident of “tweaking” your neck.
This trigger point creates a focus of pain in the upper neck with tension down the side of the neck toward the shoulder.
This trigger point creates an aggravating burning or itching sensation between the shoulder blades.
There are several muscles that refer pain into the top of the neck at the base of the head.
THEN I found that there are restrictions in the cranium that perpetuate restrictions in the neck that perpetuate restrictions in the shoulder that perpetuates the trigger points in subscapularis.
If there is pain in the neck, it’s usually coming either from the neck itself or from the muscles of the upper back. Usually, within 30-90 seconds, you’ll experience a “release” of the tension at the point and the pain will diminish considerably. With one-sided neck pain, it’s likely that you’ll find the problem on the same side of the neck or upper back, but it’s always a good idea to feel both sides anyway.
Sometimes pain at the side of the neck comes from tension in the (digastric) muscles under the edge of the jaw.

Managing neck pain almost always requires that we become conscious of how we use our body in everyday tasks, and avoid overuse or strain of these muscles.
Lie in bed (or on the floor if you have a very soft bed) and place the roll under the curvature of your neck.
Neck pain often improves significantly from something as simple as increasing our water intake. There are several potential causes of neck pain that are not directly related to muscles and bones.
The exact location of trigger point varies with tilt of the shoulder and such but is somewhere on or just above the superior angle of the scapula. This pattern creates pain that focuses in back of the upper neck with tension throughout upper back and soreness on the top of the shoulder. This one is unique in that it creates and ache under the shoulder-blade and tension between these two centers of pain. If I fix those cranial restrictions, the client usually gets off the table with no shoulder pain without ever having to actually dig in the armpit or mobilize the shoulder or address the neck directly. Integrative Bodywork gives the therapist and the client choices about putting out fires, hunting down arsonists, or taking down Godfather of Organized Pain.
Examples include holding a phone between your ear and shoulder, turning to talk to someone while on a long airplane flight, or reading in bed with your head propped up. When a vertebra in the neck is misaligned, or if a spinal disc in the neck protrudes from its usual place, this can lead to pressure on a nerve and cause pain (sometimes with a burning, tingling, or numb quality) in the neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. Computer use is the main culprit, and laptops are especially likely to promote shoulder rounding since the keyboards are so small.
People complain about pain while turning their head and usually trace up and down the side of their neck while talking about it. People come in complaining about pain in the upper neck. The pain that extends down toward the shoulder is often described as tension.
People complain about tension in their shoulders so I press on for more specific information.
But if the pain is only partly diminished, or unchanged, it is important to also examine the upper back and crest of the shoulder. Then feel toward the outer edge of this muscle, right against the inside border of the shoulder blade (green line). This type of pain can also occur if discs become stiffened, which sometimes occurs as we age. Avoid allowing your shoulders to round forward, but also resist the temptation to pull them back tightly like a soldier standing at attention. Now tuck your chin and press the back of your head into the towel, aiming to bring your ears back and over your shoulders.
Even better would be to make two of these and put one under your neck and the other under the arch of the small of your back. Also, rheumatoid arthritis or cervical spondylosis, while they affect the spinal joints, originate as an immune dysfunction and must be addressed differently than other forms of neck pain.

Rastus loved his kayak but paddling gave him a shoulder problem that was being addressed by another therapist. If anything, the emphasis should be on keeping the chest open yet soft, and drawing the shoulder blades down the back, increasing the distance between your shoulders and your ears. Over-development of the chest muscles, which men are more prone than women to do, can also promote shoulder rounding.
When lifting weights, do your best to isolate the key muscles involved in the exercise, and leave your neck out of it. If you’re doing this right, you will also feel that this move gives you a “double chin.” Hold this contraction of your neck muscles for 3 seconds, then release.
They also wince when lifting the shoulder with their arm beside them as when picking up a purse that is on the floor beside them while seated.
In most areas, multifidi trigger points create the local pain that many people associate with a displaced vertebrae. When I ask them to complain some more, they often describe the band of pain around the back of the ear and tension into the neck.
Also check over the surface of the shoulder blade itself (region 4 in the diagram at the top of the page). Besides the toll it takes on the upper back and neck, this habit tends to compress the upper thorax and makes our breathing shallow.
It is not likely that they came in for a massage because their tags are bothering them, so I usually ask about that when they complain of shoulder tension. The soreness of on top of the shoulder is usually secondary to the neck pain but can be strong.
With this trigger point people complain about pain at the base of their head. When I press for more detail, they may tell me about the tension in their neck and the sore shoulder. This part of trapezius resists contracting. This means that the shoulder will be weaker when lifting things with that arm or hold your phone with your shoulder.
The neck may be a tricky area to get to with a ball, but it’s easy to reach with your own fingers. Even when there is a known bone or disc problem in the neck, however, this tends to begin with, and to be largely perpetuated, by muscle tension.
Even better, break this down into how much water you should have each half hour or quarter hour.
If you find any very tender spots in these regions, especially if pressing on the spot either alleviates or worsens the neck pain, do some massage and apply one of our Muscle Melt products here. As I described the problem, he put his knee in the gal’s armpit and popped her on the front of the shoulder.
I figured out how to release restrictions in that shoulder using gentle massage techniques, instead of popping it.

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