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Neck pain shoulder pain jaw pain, perfect abs workout at home - Test Out

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Neck muscle pain usually involves the levator scapulae muscles, scalene, sternocleidomastoid, splenius, or trapezius muscles. Motor vehicle collisions, falls, and contact sports injuries can all cause serious trauma to the neck area resulting in muscle pains. A common trigger for neck muscle pain is incorrect posture, whether whilst awake or asleep. Lifting heavy weights in the gym without proper warm-up can lead to neck muscle pain, as well as arm and shoulder pain.

Anderson (2008) found that exercise specific to the painful muscle had a more pronounced effect in reducing neck muscle pain than general exercise for fitness; regular exercise still showed a significant reduction in acute neck pain however.
If the neck muscle pain is caused by tension then simple relaxation techniques may prove beneficial, such as a long soak in the bath with relaxing lavender oil, a flotation tank session, or simply a good night’s sleep.
Where injury has occurred to the neck it is important to have a thorough assessment of the damage and discuss options with a healthcare professional. Engaging in strengthening exercises for both the neck and the core muscles is recommended for everyone, particularly those who have suffered neck muscle pain previously.

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