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Neck pain causes migraines, exercises for stomach fat review - Within Minutes

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Headaches and neck pain often come hand in hand, with the potential for each to cause the other. Chiropractors, osteopaths, doctors, and other practitioners all see an endless stream of patients suffering head and neck pain. Pain of this kind may be experienced as acute, sharp pain on turning the head to one side, or as a constant dull ache in the neck and head. An inability to turn the head to one side may also occur, and stiffness, shoulder pain, and jaw pain may be present.
To help categorize the causes of head and neck pain, physicians often look at four key areas: vertebrae, nerves, blood vessels, and muscles.

If the bones and joints in the cervical spine have degenerated or been damaged then they may have become compressed causing extra pressure on the other structures in the surrounding area. Compression of nerves in the cervical area can lead to acute neck pain as well as chronic nec pain.
Click to EnlargeIf muscles in the neck are tense they may constrict the nerves and blood vessels leading to ischaemia, or reduced blood flow, to the head and neck.
Physical stress also plays its part in head and neck pain, with awkward sleeping patterns, hunched keyboard posture, poor shoe choice, and uncomfortable, unsupportive, chairs leading to muscular strain. Head and neck pain may also be due to poor vision, as people will naturally strain their head forward, particularly when driving, in order to achieve a clearer focus.

Emotional stress can lead to head and neck pain as a person may unconsciously tense the muscles in their neck and shoulders. Other conditions such as acute glaucoma, and temporal arteritis can cause these types of headaches too.
The reduced blood flow means less oxygen and nutrients available to the cells, which can cause acute and long term damage and pain.

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