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Navy lieutenant commander salary, best weight gainers in india - Review

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Lieutenant commander follows ensign, lieutenant junior grade and lieutenant in the Navy's officer ranks.
Cost-of-Living AllowanceLieutenant commanders, like other service members, can also receive a Cost-of-Living Allowance from the Navy if they are stationed in certain high-cost areas of the United States or their primary dependents live in one of those areas while the service member is on overseas duty.
Special PayLieutenant commanders may also be eligible for special pay, depending on their military specialty and other factors.
Pay, authority and responsibility are the differences between a captain and a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Rank StructureThe officer ranks in the Navy include an ensign, the lowest of the officer ranks. Authority and Responsibility for LieutenantsThe authority of a captain stems largely from the higher pay grade and the duty assignment of the officer.
Authority and Responsibility for CaptainsA captain who works ashore in command of a naval facility, such as Naval Base Coronado, outranks and has authority over those officers of lesser rank who enter the base. The most powerful naval force in the world belongs to the United States Navy and its many ships, submarines, aircraft and men and women. The United States Navy was born as the Continental Navy during the American Revolutionary War and came to existence, in part, through the initiative of John Adams.

The US Navy has taken part in all major American conflicts as well as many humanitarian efforts throughout her existence. If you're a doctor, you'll enter the Navy as an O-3, you'll generally be promoted to an… O-4 within 5-7 years after that. The next higher ranks include lieutenant junior-grade, lieutenant, lieutenant commander, commander and captain. For example, under all circumstances, a captain outranks a lieutenant, but if the lieutenant is in command of a small boat, his authority exceeds that of a captain who is a passenger. If an admiral comes on base, he outranks the captain in command, but is subject to the captain’s authority and responsibility. From its meager beginnings, made up largely of converted merchant vessels, the US Navy has since grown to become the largest sea-going fighting force in the world, staffed with over 430,000 personnel, 3,700 aircraft and nearly 300 surface and underwater vessels (2012). A lieutenant may serve as the captain of a vessel without holding the military rank of captain. By the time an officer receives a promotion to captain, he’s been to sea and has had a command at sea or ashore. The US Navy maintains the largest fleet of aircraft carriers in the world and sports some 75 powerful nuclear-powered missile submarines.

In the post-World War world, the US Navy became a critical participant during the tumultuous Cold War, seeing actions in the Korean War, Vietnam War and the 1991 Gulf War while, more recently, supporting operations across Afghanistan and Iraq.
For instance, on the 2013 pay chart, a lieutenant commander with less than two years of service would earn the minimum $4,362 a month -- $52,344 a year -- while one with more than 18 years of service would earn the maximum $7,284 a month -- $87,408 a year. In addition, a lieutenant commander will receive the Basic Allowance for Subsistence that all officers receive, which was $242.60 a month as of 2013. Aboard large ships, lieutenants are prepared for command, but are unlikely to receive command of a ship before promotion to lieutenant commander. By comparison, a lieutenant may have been to sea and served as a department head aboard a large vessel or have been in charge of a small vessel, but may not have had an independent command. Naval Forces Africa (USNAVAF) and Commander, Allied Joint Force Command Naples (JFC Naples) - ADM Mark P. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) and Commander, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) - VADM James A.

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